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Sweet Kirsh In Batangas Is Perfect For Your Young Adult

Batangas city is becoming a land of coffee shops. I do not mind at all since I really love to drink, neigh, gulp caffeine. Recently, I got the chance to step in to one of the cutest cafes in town, Sweet Kirsh.

I must admit, I have seen Sweet Kirsh on Facebook before but I do not really want to try it for one reason. The drinks, amazing as they may seem, spell sugar all over it. I hate adding sugar in my coffee. With their invitation, however, and along with fellow Ala Eh bloggers, I decided to give it a try. Now, I find it hard to resist to go back there again.

A little bit about Sweet Kirsh

Sweet Kirsh started as a hole-in-the-wall type of café that caters to young adults. Hence, its menu is composed of burgers and blended beverages. At first, I thought it was owned by a woman named Kirsh. It turned out, though, that the term Kirsh is from the German word ‘Kirsch’, referring to colorless brandy made from fermented juice of cherries.

Their first branch is located at P. Burgos st., Batangas City (just beside Johanna’s Grill). If you are not looking enough, you will not find it because this gem is hidden away from the street. When I saw the place, I was like “Shocks. It is too small.”

Small as it may be, Sweet Kirsh offers one of the biggest meals. Today, they already have a branch in Balagtas, Batangas, and two more soon-to-open branches, one in Mabini st., Batangas, and another in Lipa City. They are open from Mondays – Saturdays 1pm to 9pm.

As to price, you will be surprised! Sweet Kirsh’s drinks range from Php135-165 ($3-$4USD). The Pika Tower which has 11 patties and unlimited green iced tea costs Php1,198 ($26USD).

3 things that make Sweet Kirsh sweeter than any other place
  • Well-balanced drinks

As I stated before, I veered away from Sweet Kirsh because their drinks look too sweet. I was terribly wrong. Although their milkshakes have chocolates, syrups, and whipped cream, they are not sweet at all. Instead, every cup of drink you order at Sweet Kirsh has the perfect balance. I had the Bacardi Milkshake, and it was awesome. There is enough sweetness but the alcohol content is not overpowering either.

Oh no, they are serving alcohol? Do not worry. They will not serve Bacardi Milkshake to minors. It’s a big no-no for the whole Sweet Kirsh team.

One more thing about their espresso-based drinks like the Nutella Milkshake and Rocky Road Monster Milkshake, they use Barako beans to make the coffee. Awesome, right?

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  • Visually appetizing food

Nothing beats a plate that is too beautiful to eat. I always love a plated meal and Sweet Kirsh does not fall short of it. Their burger buns come in different colors because each carries its own essence. The essences, however, do not affect the taste of the burger. Instead, they enhance it.

We had the Pika Tower Burger which has 11 patties in it, and nachos at the base. Visually, it is very appealing. The buns are yellow in color because it has lemon essences. Yes, it is topped with Pikachu. Haha When I tasted them, it was fantastic. It is perfect for Pokemon Go lovers who get hungry after a day of catching ‘em all. Watch how the Pika Tower is made and how to eat it here.

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  • Wall arts featuring local artists

Of course, this café for young adults and young-at-hearts will not be complete without its youthful vibe. Hence, the walls at Sweet Kirsh.

Their walls are not plain nor do they have frames. Instead, their walls are painted by local Batangueno artists in the likes of Daryl Andre Paguia Victoria, Concept Artist at APS Group Philippines, and Migz Reyes, Professional Tattoo Artist.

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I may be outside of the young adult genre already but I am definitely going back for that Pika Tower (with friends, of course! Cause I can’t eat them all up haha). Have you tried Sweet Kirsh? Share your experience or your desire to visit the place. Comment below or drop me an email at 😉

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2 thoughts on “Sweet Kirsh In Batangas Is Perfect For Your Young Adult

  1. The name of their cafe reminds me of my favorite Ice N Cream ice cream Kirsch me. Anyway, its name strayed far from how I envisioned it to be because of the presence of anime characters. I think it would be better if they rename their cafe that reflects what they serve and how their interior is decorated. How much is Pika tower burger? For sure, a whole barkada/ family must be present to finish it.

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