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Lakan: Spirit of Jazz at Taal Heritage Town

What could be more amazing than being in a heritage town? Well, I have proven that it is definitely more phenomenal to drink heritage liquor in a heritage house in a heritage town while partying through the night!

I had the chance of experiencing this unprecedented yet unparalleled Lakan: Spirit of Jazz event in Taal, Batangas. When I received the invitation, I’m like “Say no more. You got me at Jazz & liquor”.


I am a big fan of Jazz, and my friends know I am a great lover of alcohol despite my allergies. Nothing can stop me, I suppose.  🥂

The cocktail hour was held at the Goco Ancestral House while dinner and Jazz were held at Paradores del Castillo.

The Spirit

Although Roxie Hart said we should stay away from Jazz & Liquor, thankfully, this is not the age of prohibition!

The Spirit of Jazz was sponsored by our very own heritage liquor: Lakan.

The term ‘Lakan’ is a pre-Hispanic Filipino title for someone noble which literally means the paramount ruler. True enough, Lakan Extra Premium Philipine Lambanog is paramount in ruling the liquor industry.

Lakan Extra Premium Philippine Lambanog is an internationally known, multi-awarded brand which distills coconut nectar (a.k.a. lambanog) right in the heart of Batangas. This prestigious liquor won silver medals for New York World Wine & Spirits Competition in 2016 & 2017, and a gold medal for 2018 Monde Selection, among others. It is the brainchild of Philippine Craft Distillers Incorporated (PCDI)’s CEO, Tony Manguiat, and formulator Lawrence Lim.

For the event, we were served 5 cocktails concocted by Lakan’s (equally world-class) head mixologist, Kathryn Eckstein. I had 3 out of 5 of the five cocktails. After which, I switched to Lakan’s Vino Isla heritage wines, then back to a surprise cocktail with no name since it was concocted right on the spot. (Let me feature the cocktails in a different post).

What I loved about this premium lambanog is how smooth it is. It is has 36% alcohol but it just glided through my throat, “walang sabit” as we call it in tagalog. Also, despite switching from one drink to the next, I never felt light-headed, slept through and woke up without a single hint of hangover. This drink is a gem! 🍸 🍹

The Jazz

Of course, it will not be a Jazz night without music from Alvin Cornista, Jazzmatik, and Henry Katindig. For hours, we were serenaded by jaw-dropping performances from no less than the Philippine’s prince of Jazz – Richard Merck, Megan Herrera, Jeannie Tiongco, Sandra Lim Viray, Alexa Kaufman, my good friend’s cousin – Nicole Laurel Asensio, and Cheryl Santaromana. 🎼 🎹🎷 🎤

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The Town

Taal is a heritage town in the province of Batangas, roughly a 3-hour drive from Manila. It is home to some of the country’s bravest heroes like Gen, Ananias Diokno, the Tagalog general who headed an all-out military expedition in the Visayas, Doña Marcela Agoncillo, the maker of the Philippine Flag, and Doña Gliceria Marella de Villavicencio, godmother of the revolution against Spanish forces.


It was truly a remarkable fun night and am so glad to have shared this with incredible people. ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚

Have you been to Taal? What do you think about the Spirit of Jazz? Share your thoughts! Comment below or drop me an email at 😊

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P.S. You can purchase Lakan from Rustan’s supermarket, Kultura outlets, and online through boozy.

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4 thoughts on “Lakan: Spirit of Jazz at Taal Heritage Town

    1. If you heard of the volcano eruption last January, this town is near that. A lot was damaged but I’m pretty sure the resillience will triumph 😊

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