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Another Cuppa Shot To My Addiction

A lot of people put me in a pedestal but the truth is I am an addict.

I have been a coffee addict for years now. I glorify it as the flowers love the rain that makes them bloom.

I began drinking coffee when I was in elementary. There was a time when my folks even have to hide the coffee in the house because of my addiction. Today, I can drink a liter of classic black (as in Batangas Barako coffee) in one sitting without palpitating, and I can even sleep well after that. It was truly an addiction that can never be cured.

This coffee addiction is the same thing that drives me to explore various coffee shops. Recently, one of my friends invited me to a newly opened coffee nook in town, Brother John’s Coffee Café.

A little background about Brother John’s Coffee Café

The idea of putting up a local coffee shop came from the fantastic mind of J.V. Castillo. He is a coffee aficionado from a family of coffee lovers (hey, I can be part of this family). His idea was inspired by his unique coffee experiences in various coffee shops within the Philippines, Asia, and Middle East. In 2014, J.V. and his brother John Jefferson consolidated the business plan to bring quality coffee at a reasonable price every Batangueño can afford.

In 2014, their Bauan branch opened but they moved the shop to Lawas, Batangas City in the last quarter of 2016. Beverages at Brother John’s Coffee Café are crafted to specifically be at par with the taste grade and flavors of international brands in the market. Its beans are sourced out from coffee roasters in Italia, frappe powder mixes from a producer in Irvine California, and tea leaves from Sri Lanka. The food menu is crafted to the taste that the brothers have loved since while the cakes come from a commissary local in Batangas.

The place

Brother John’s Coffee Café is located at the second floor of Junction Commercial Complex, Zone 12, P. Burgos St., Batangas City. It is just a few steps away from the University of Batangas, and some banks. It is very accessible. If you are bringing a car, there is a huge parking space in front of the building.

When I stepped into the shop, I noticed a lot of wood. If you have explored a lot of coffee shops as I, you will notice that wood sets the mood in these places. Hence, the ambiance is very cozy because of the wooden tables, chairs, and walls. The place is spacious as well. We sought for a seat and ordered the best in the menu.

The food

When the food came, we had a Club House Sandwich to share, and four drinks – Raspberry Smoothie, Java Chip, Choco Macadamia, and a hot White Chocolate Mocha.

The sandwich is really thick, and it comes with French fries. The bread is toasted just enough to maintain its softness but has the crusty feeling on the outside. The vegetables are very fresh, and the bacon is crispy.


The Raspberry Smoothie smells very fruity, and tastes sweet and nippy. The texture of this smoothie is what makes it a best-seller. It has actual raspberry which you can bite when you sip. The hot White Chocolate Mocha is light-bodied with a sweet aroma. The Java Chip and Choco Macadamia, on the other hand, are more on the mellow sweet side. The drinks truly live up to the coffee shop’s motto: “Co’z we know you deserve a greater cup”.

I will definitely drop by Brother John’s Coffee Café again. Are you as addicted to coffee as I am?  Comment below or drop me an email at smiley jpg






23 thoughts on “Another Cuppa Shot To My Addiction

  1. I know we could be friends. You call it an addiction, I call it a lifestyle. I have also been a coffee drinker since a child. Your meal looked delicious and who doesn’t love a smoothie. I won’t drink those frappachino type coffee shakes because they don’t have enough coffee.

    1. Hi, Heidi! Glad to meet someone like me haha I am not a fan of frappes too. I find them too sweet but I had to try them because it’s too hot in the Philippines. Besides, Filipinos have a sweet tooth for everything haha

  2. Raising my both hands and legs for admitting that I am a coffee addict! Lol. The place looks refreshing and the way you describe the Java Chip and Choco Macadamia makes me crave for it.

    1. Hi, Jess! Thanks! I hope you can drop by the shop when you schedule a trip to Batangas City 😉

  3. Everything looks beautiful there. There’s nothing I like more than a fancy coffee drink. I think I would enjoy the java chip because I like mellow and sweet drinks. The sandwich looks really satisfying too!

  4. I am not a fan of coffee but then I love food. Good thing that this brother johns coffee shop doesn’t just offer coffee alone. The smoothie and the food, I perfectly find them delish just by looking at the images you have posted. Oh, I’m drooling here. Hoping to be able to visit the place in the future.

    1. Hi, Zwitsy! They have smoothies and non-caffeine based drinks. I hope you can drop by the place when you visit Batangas 😀

  5. I’m also a coffee addict!! I can’t resist it haha! I want to visit this cafe but Sadly I’m too far to the location 😦 Maybe they could plan to build up some branches. I love all your photos! It makes me drool haha! xx

    1. Hopefully, in the next few years…or sooner, they will have branches nationwide 😉

  6. The place looks promising. Due to my ulcer, I cannot be a coffee addict. I drink coffee but to a minimum level. And since I love cafes with great interiors and food, I wish I could visit this. 🙂

    Mariaisquixotic ||

  7. A fellow coffee addict here! It’s even on the name of my blog hahaha… But I started on it late, like in college.

    I’d love to try Brother John’s Coffee Café, not anytime soon though because it’s in Batangas and I’m from Manila. But hopefully, I’d get to visit it soon.

  8. Looks like a quirky and unassuming cafe–I would like to spend an afternoon here to catch up with girlfriends.The frappes look amazingly tempting!

  9. I’m a coffee and tea lover and seeing cafe ambiance, I can actually smell the aroma of a coffee. It’s my plan this rainy season, to visit coffee shops nearby as this is the best time to get cozy with your hot coffee while having such a cold feels of the weather. Batangas is to far from us, tho. But in any case that I’ll be in Batangas, I’ll try to visit this because i love their interior, their ambiance and in your photos, I guess I’ll also be loving the food and drinks. I wish they have nearby branches. 🙂

    1. Hi, Ann! Brother John’s is a budding local coffee shop. Do drop by so we can help them grow. 😉

  10. I am not a coffee addict but I am a raspberry smoothie addict! Even the coffee sounded and looked great there! You could talk me into going with those french fries, too! I love when coffee shops don’t just serve coffee but real food, too!

    1. Real food like pasta and cake. Lots of cake 😂 I agree with you on that, Alison. 😁

  11. Coffee is part of my lifestyle and I am addicted to it! The Java chip and choco macademia sounds really yummy! I really love looking at the pictures of your food you posted. The sandwich looks delicious

  12. I’m from Batangas too. And I love coffee as well. Too sad I have hyper-acidity. The cafe looks cozy. Will surely drop by there!

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