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3 Reasons To Visit D’Brothers Sports Bar & Grill

Last Friday, I, with other Batangas-based bloggers, visited a local restaurant in the city for a little bit of Friday night fun. Much that I want to have a few drinks in D’Brothers Sports Bar & Grill by myself before, I have never stepped foot into this restaurant. I had a notion that it is simply another bar where one drinks and leaves the place with the scent of smoke stuck in one’s hair. However, since it is Friday night, a few drinks will not be a bad idea to cap off the week. Little did I know I will be one of the most surprised gal in there that night.

D’Brothers Sports Bar & Grill is more than just a place to drink a-a-alcohol. Here are 3 reasons why you will love a timeout at D’Brothers Sports Bar & Grill.

#1 It is the perfect hangout place.

If you are a drinker, you will probably visit this bar for the beverages but D’Brothers Sports Bar & Grill offers other things too. They have rooms if you want some private party. They also have Daily Specials from Monday to Saturday. When we went here last Friday, it was Pizza night. That means you can get 2 Pizzas for only P399.

Cause everyday is special

When you walk in to the restaurant, you will not feel that you are walking into a food establishment. The place looks like one big stadium. It is very spacious. There are stools surrounding the bar. There are comfortable tables and chairs downstairs. The seats upstairs, aka the bleachers, overlook the entire area and the bar. They have a VIP room upstairs, and dugouts downstairs where you can enjoy unlimited videoke session with your friends. The rooms can occupy, at least, 15 guests.

We were booked at the VIP room upstairs. We also had videoke but we preferred to listen to Mr. Ian Jacinto’s sax and our crazy laughs and stories although my friend sang a few songs before we left at 10pm.

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#2 D’Brothers Sports Bar & Grill offers food fit for Hercules.

My boyfriend and I have been in search of the best steak in Batangas for a while now. We have finally found it right here in this bar! Of course, we ordered other dishes too. Our delectable meals are prepared by Chef  Arjay Inciong.

That’s me (trying to catch up with the names of the dishes) and Chef Arjay
Angus Rib Eye Steak

Our D’Brothers Sports Bar & Grill’s Angus Rib Eye Steak is cooked medium. It is firm and chewy to bite and not mushy or tough. It has a straightforward personality, seasoned well while emphasizing the taste of Angus. Its mouthwatering juices will linger on the palate for a little while.

So much at STEAK with this Angus Rib Eye
Cooked to medium
Baby Back Ribs

Ahhh, the famous baby back ribs. The dish has a slab of baby back ribs, vegetables, and java rice. The ribs are firm and covered in sweet barbecue sauce.

Baby come Back ribs!
Garlic Chicken Wings

A platter of contains 6 to 8 pieces of wings (My apologies, I forgot to count. I simply plunged into my plate haha). The wings are drizzled with lemon butter sauce. This plate goes well with any drink be it a beer or cocktails.

On the WINGS of love 😍
Sizzling Ostrich

It is my first time to eat Ostrich! D’Brothers Sports Bar & Grill has ostrich in their menu because this animal is also greatly involved in sports. The meat is as chewy as any regular pork or beef meat but it does not taste like any of them. It tastes more like venison. The sizzling ostrich is cooked in olive oil to enhance the flavor.

sizzling ostrich
Ohhhh strich
Other food
  • Brothers Ultimate Pizza
  • Pork Sisig
  • Nachos


I will let you in a little secret. I asked the Chef what makes the food at D’Brothers Sports Bar & Grill different. He said all his dishes are prepared with pagmamahal (love).

“all his dishes are prepared with pagmamahal (love)”
#3 Drinks that will make you want to stay in the bar.

Of course, D’Brothers Sports Bar & Grill will not be a bar if it does not have drinks, right? What is surprising about the restaurant is they have a variety of drinks. You can even order a different drink a day for a month and you will not repeat a glass. We had cocktails and their famous Below Zero beer last Friday.

Beer Below Zero!
Tropical Vodka

A mixture of pineapple, orange, and tropical juices with Sunquick, grenadine, and melon liquor.

tropical vodka
Quick vacay in the tropics with this Tropical Vodka

A mixture of rum, guava juice, sprite, and strawberry syrup.

Rihanna will love this pitcher of Unfaithful
Good Vibes

A vodka-based drink with tropical and pineapple juices, Sunquick, simple syrup, strawberry syrup, melon liquor, and garnished with Blue Curacao.

Get a pitcher of Good Vibes for some GV 😉

If you want non-alcohol based drinks, they offer a variety of coffee-based ones and milkshakes.


A little bit more about experiencing D’Brothers Sports Bar & Grill

D’Brothers Sports Bar & Grill is the only sports bar in Batangas City yet it offers one of the most affordable rates a bar could ever offer. A VIP room, like the one we had, is only P1,500, and you can see a lot of families eat their favorite meals here. The kids also enjoy the interiors of the bar. If you will bring your kids here, I encourage you to choose a seat inside. It is a smoke-free area. A smoking lounge is available outside near the billiard table.

There are a lot of TVs in the area where you can watch sports. However, if you want to play a few games, darts, billiards, and beer pongs are available. A few more games will be featured soon. Watch out.

Beer pong

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Where are you spending your after work shots? I choose D’Brothers Sports Bar & Grill. What do you think? Comment below or drop me an email at ☺️




18 thoughts on “3 Reasons To Visit D’Brothers Sports Bar & Grill

  1. Food looks good, pero I cannot concentrate on the food. I keep looking at that sign that says, UNLI BEER. San Miguel Light is included? Please say yes… No to Red Horse. And is it noisy? I kinda like it quiet where people can talk.


    1. Hi, Robert!!! So sorry I forgot to include the below zero beer in the photos. I edited it already. Yes, there is San Mig light and the place is not the loud type of bar. The music may be loud at times but you can choose a spot where you cam just ‘chill’. Do drop by 😉

  2. Pizza night = a good night!
    I totally love the front desk. Looks very nice. I like that style. Food looks very tasty. As for the drinks, I’d definitely would like to taste the Unfaithful and Good Vibes!

    1. Hi, Roselle! It’s priced on the mid-range but they offer rice meal sets at a very cheap price, roughly more than a hundred pesos 😊

  3. Looks like a really good place to chill out! Haven’t tried ostrich before but the dish looks awesome! I would love to visit some day.

  4. I would normally shy away from sports bars especially when I was still single. But now that my son is already sixteen, I find myself eating and bonding with him and my husband in sports bars like this. Good thing they have a wide range of food choices. That ostrich dish is very interesting!

  5. Not a fan of beer (or any alcohol LOL) but the STEAK~ Ohhhh the steak looks absolutely delish~~~ ❤ I think my lolo and my titos would really love the unlibeers more than anyone else that I know. 🙂 But I'll definitely would love to travel all the way to Batangas to try their steaks. :))))

  6. I don’t drink so I might have to skip that part but wow, the foods are all tempting and I can’t help but to stare and drool over your photos especially the steak hahaha the sizzlin Ostrich is very intriguing too since I never got a chance to taste one yet

    1. You can always opt for non-alcohol based beverages, Milton 😊 the sizzling ostrich was surprisingly fantastic 👍

  7. The food looks really good and enticing. How much do they cost? Are they expensive or just reasonable? They also have sort-of unique drinks there that I’m curious to try out. I’m not familiar with D Brothers Sports Bar Grill but do they also have branches here in Manila?

    1. Hi, Dominic! It’s within the midprice range. It only has one branch, and it is in Batangas. Do visit them when you drive down south 😊

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