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Furry Weekend At SM’s Pet Day


Yesterday, March 13, was a great day for pets and pet parents alike. SM City Batangas organized a Pet Day! Woohoo!

I treat our dogs as part of our family. I help bathe them, give them vitamins, and spend time with them. That is why I am so enthusiastic about this event.

How we joined Pet Day

It was March 7, Monday, when I chanced upon a newly uploaded poster for Pet Day. I immediately called SM to confirm about it. They, through Ms. Lala, told me that all we needed to join the event is to present a receipt from any store within SM City Batangas worth, at least, P1,000. What a delight! Just in time since I scheduled to buy something from National Bookstore that Friday, the date when pre-registration opens.

If I remember it well, I was 4th in the registration sheet. I know, talk about excited, right? On the day of the event itself, a lot of dogs and cats walked-in. Dogs and puppies populated the event though. It was like a dog day.

Activities we did at Pet Day

When I registered, I was told that the event starts at 1pm. We arrived around 1:30pm and the event has not started yet. The event officially began around 2:45pm, but it’s ok. We did not get bored or anything, and our little Barbie had the chance to socialize with other dogs too!

This Pet Day was so much fun! We participated in games, fell in a queue for free dry grooming, and walked around the mall with other dogs for the pet walk.

For the games, there was Body Alphabet Guessing Game, modified Bring Me, and Guess the Breed which hoo-mans played. There was a raffle too! We even won a Gourmet Cheeseburger Pet Food from Pet One. Others won a leash, or Saint Roche shampoo which I got envious of. Haha For the free grooming, Barbie got her nails cut, a bit of fur trimmed, and ears cleaned. The veterinarian on duty even removed her ingrown. Thank you so much, Doc!

There were other activities such as free anti-rabies vaccine, and discounted 5-in1 vaccines but we did not participate in those since Barbie has a complete set of vaccine. *Hooray for responsible dog parents!*

Some of the sponsors for Pet Day

The event was sponsored by SM, and co-organized by Paws & Tails Event Concepts and Management. Other sponsors include Batangas City Office of the City Veterinarian, Saint Roche, Frontline Plus, Pet One, Lipa Pet Hub, KFC, Heartguard Plus, Next Guard, and Manila Bulletin Animal Scene, the event’s official media partner.

What I loved about Pet Day

Will I join other events similar to this? Absolutely! Here are a few reasons why.

  • Our dog, Barbie, got the chance to increase her socialization skills.
  • It was a fun afternoon for pet parents too! We were able to exchange information with other dog parents. Now, we are a member of a community called Tail Wags N’ Hugs.
  • With this event, I know we were able to encourage other people to have a pet, and treat pets like family.

What to bring if you wish to join a Pet Day

SM has a scheduled Pet Day in every branch. Be sure to check the Facebook page of the SM near you. If you want to join this event or other similar events, you have to be a responsible pet parent. When your pooch poops or urinates, you have to clean it. You cannot simply wait for the janitorial staff to clean after you. Although SM provided loads of tissue paper, trash bags, and even Lysol to help pet parents, you should have these things in your bag:

  • A leash – Your pet will surely want to mingle with other animals in the crowd but you have to get a hold of him or her. A leash is handy to pull them away from a looming fight or simply to respect other people’s (non-animal lovers) space in the mall.
  • Water – Your pet will get thirsty even in an air conditioned room. Bring a bottle of water and have her drink once in a while.
  • Diaper – Have an extra diaper just in case the one your pet is wearing becomes loaded. Barbie had to change her diaper before the pet walk activity since she peed a lot out of excitement.
  • Pet waste bag – You are never sure when your pet will poop. There was this dog parent whose furbaby pooped on the chair before the event could even start. When the pet walk activity came, a lot of dogs pooped while walking. As responsible pet parents, owners of these dogs cleaned up the mess and pet waste bags came in handy.

Ever experienced this event? Do you want to have another Pet Day? Comment below or drop me an email at





P.S. Special thanks to Mr. Ernest Anthony Reyes for most of the photos. 🙂

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