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Greet Summer Sun With Nu Skin Sunright 35

As mentioned in my post, 5 Summer Essentials You Must Have, I tried out something new when I went to the beach. I gave this baby from Nu Skin a try.

I have heard of Nu Skin before but I have never tried it until Nu Skin Sunright 35 came by. Nu Skin is a product used by celebrities such as Dana Delany, Olivia Wilde, Brad Pitt, and Nicole Kidman. Because of its prominence, I did not hesitate to give it a shot.

What I love about Nu Skin Sunright 35


  • Ingredients

It has Sealastin, a registered trademark of Nu Skin International. It is an ingredient derived from seaweeds that helps protect the skin. Nu Skin Sunright 35 also has Physalis angulata extract which soothes skin during sun exposure.

I use aloe vera lotion to soothe sunburn. This time, I need not worry about applying one anymore because Nu Skin Sunright 35 already has aloe vera which moisturizes the skin. Amazing!

  • Scent

Nu Skin Sunright 35 does not smell like your ordinary sunscreen. When I squeezed a coin-sized amount in my palm, and lather it on my arms, it smelled like powder. Yes, baby powder. Even my male friends agreed that it does have that powdery aroma to it. If you are worried that you will smell like a stinky sunscreen, bid your worries goodbye and give Nu Skin Sunright 35 a try.

A little amount goes a long way
  • Smooth to apply

Unlike other sunscreen which is a bit sticky, Nu Skin Sunright 35 easily glides on my face and body. It is just like applying lotion right after a bath. After application, my skin even felt smooth to touch. What sunscreen can do the same?

  • Waterproof and sweatproof

I applied two thin layers of Nu Skin Sunright 35 to my face and body 30 minutes before I jumped in the water. In those 30 minutes, the sun shone brightly, and I sweat a bit but my sunscreen remained steadfast.

I swam from 9:00 am to 10:00 am. Less than 20 minutes in the water, I noticed that the invisible layer of sunscreen became a few white streaks on my arms. I tried to rub it off but it just would not go. Nu Skin Sunright 35 is indeed waterproof. Do not worry about the white streaks though. I just had a few on my arms but I did not have any on my face, legs, and body.

Here is my before and after photo taken at the same spot. Can you spot any difference? My friends said my skin even got whiter!



For just P1,620, you can have your own bottle of Nu Skin Sunright 35. I know, it looks a bit expensive but a bottle goes a long way because you only need a few coin-sized amounts to get your entire body covered. I got mine from Beauty Box. Get your own bottle too! Just give them a call or send them an SMS at (+63) 917-522-7868.

Have you tried Nu Skin Sunright 35? Comment below or drop me a message at and tell me about your story.

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