Rock Your World With Elliot Audio Ultra Rugged BT Speaker

You will not believe our recent purchase. My boyfriend wanted a speaker that has a good sound quality even when used outdoors, especially this beach season. We have searched high and low to find a fantastic one that fits right into our budget. He chanced upon Elliot Audio Ultra Rugged Bluetooth Speaker in Kimstore.

For just Php 999, this Bluetooth speaker does not disappoint. It is even astonishing! Here’s why.


built front back

When we unboxed this Elliot Audio Ultra Rugged Bluetooth speaker, we were surprised at how well-structured it looks. It comes with a slightly thick silicone case which makes it water resistant, shockproof, and dust proof. It also comes with a black shoe string-like strap, and is very lightweight to easily carry around.


  • Compact built
  • Silicone case
  • Lightweight
  • Control buttons are all on a single side
  • Power button lights up when charging
  • Good quality built-in microphone
  • Sound indicator when powered on or off


  • No battery life indicator
  • One-sided speaker
  • No 3.5 mm jack




Obviously, it is powered by Bluetooth. The connection should be within 10 meters, otherwise, the music will crackle or be cut off. Make sure that both your gadget and the speaker are very near to each other, and nothing interferes in between.

Another surprising thing about Elliot Audio Ultra Rugged Bluetooth Speakers is its microphone. We tried receiving calls while connected to Bluetooth, and we did! All we need to do is answer the call and we were able to use the built-in microphone.


  • Easy to connect to Bluetooth
  • Can connect with laptop, smartphone, or tablet
  • Hands-free function for the microphone


  • Music easily crackles even within 10 meters


Sound quality

sound quality

Elliot Audio Ultra Rugged Bluetooth Speaker’s sound quality is not bad either. We tried it indoors, and outdoors. For 5W output power, it can really rock your world whether you are having a party or chilling at the beach. The bass is not commendable though. If you are a basshead, you might want to reconsider. Overall sound quality, however, is powerful enough besides it just costs less than a thousand.


  • Can be very loud
  • Works well both indoors and outdoors


  • No sound customization available

Will we recommend it? Absolutely! Elliot Audio Ultra Rugged Bluetooth Speaker is one of the most affordable Bluetooth speakers that deliver awesome sound quality.

Have you tried this speaker? Share us your experience! Comment below or drop me an email at







4 thoughts on “Rock Your World With Elliot Audio Ultra Rugged BT Speaker

  1. This is an intriguing product and I think the price is kinda high for a product with those cons. 😦

    1. Awww. Really? I thought it was a steal considering the sound quality which other BT speakers of the same price range cannot produce 😟 but thanks for your comment, Maria. I deeply appreciate it 😊

      1. I suggest you try iHome or Altec Lansing. The former has a speaker with the same price as yours but the latter has different BT speakers of different sizes and colors and prices but they are everything proof. 😀

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