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How I Maintained A Long Mane

As promised in my post entitled Had My Hair Cut Short Because…, I will write an article about the products I used to maintain long locks. Here they are! smiley jpg

Shampoo and Conditioner


Shampoo is essential in washing your scalp and hair. Conditioner, on the other hand, adds shine and smoothness to your tresses. You should consider your hair’s needs when choosing shampoo and conditioner. You cannot just grab and go with any pair. As experts say, every hair is damaged, the question is to what extent. When I was growing my hair, I experienced having a lot of split ends. Hence, I went with this TRESemme Split Repair. It helped me combat dullness and split ends. Of course, occasional trips to the salon for a trim is also important to totally get rid of split ends.

Wax Treatment at home


Shampooing your hair once in a while and conditioning it daily is not enough. I have dry and frizzy hair. A little bit of waxing treatment at home helped me maintain a frizz-free and smooth hair. I discovered my friend has been using this smoothing treatment wax from Watsons. She said it really made her hair soft and smelling so well. Thus, I gave it a try. I use it every Saturday, and my hair has been softer, smoother, and less frizzy ever since. I still use it today even though I have donated more than half of my hair already. Another amazing thing about this Watsons product is that it is not expensive at all and is always sold Buy 1 Take 1.

Argan Oil Hair Serum


Argan oil has hydrating and moisturizing properties that helps keep hair smooth and tamed. Even before I decided to donate my hair, I have been using this Moringa-O2 Herbal Hair Relaxing Serum with Argan Oil. I have used Vitress before but instead of making my hair smooth and shiny, it made my hair drier. I really have no idea why. It is probably in the hair composition. I switched to Moringa-O2 and I have never been happier. Sometimes, I use it before I blow dry. Oftentimes, I use it after. The result is just the same.

As you can see the products I used are more on maintaining beautiful hair, and not really on how to instantly make your hair long. If you really want long locks, patience is the key. Let your scalp and hair do the growing. All you can do is help you hair maintain the strength and smoothness until you have your desired length. These products can do the trick.

Share with us the products you use to keep your hair long and strong. Comment below or drop me an email at smiley jpg


21 thoughts on “How I Maintained A Long Mane

  1. I have also tried Vitress before and I agree. Dry, or parang wala lang nangyari sa buhok. XD

  2. Hair care is one important daily regime and also with men. It fascinates me to read how women really take care their crowning glory! Thanks to TRESemmè!

  3. Thanks for sharing your routine. I have long hair too, but it is rather oily in the summer. In the winter it’s pretty easy to take care of. But now with the humidity and the heat, it gets very greasy. I wish I had drier hair like yours!

    1. I hope not too dry though. I wash my hair daily but I don’t put shampoo everyday. Daily washing helps control oiliness. 😊

  4. It’s so important to keep your hair up to date by treating it well. I personally love to put all kinds of oils in my hair. I have keratin oil for my hair. Usually I use Kevin Murphy.

    1. Wow! That sounds great, Sabine. Oils do make our hair shiny and soft. I’ve tried keratin as well but as a salon treatment.

  5. I heard wonders about Argan Oil! Keeping your long hair healthy can be quite a challenge–I also think our climate helps a lot in keeping our tresses happy. I was in Europe for a month and my hair and skin was miserably dry!

    1. Oh that sounds awful. I heard butter butters and body oil work swell in Europe.

  6. Ive read a lot of positive reviews on argan oil and would want to try it myself. Also using tresemme on my hair and they do wonders really. I tried wax treatment once and it was so long. it made my hair shiny and silky plus soft and would want to do it again. thanks for reminding me. forgot about it na.

  7. I actually don’t use same product/brand all the time though I maintain my hair long. The problem is how to keep the shine so I better check this out.

  8. I love Argan oil for my hair , I am living in a southern all year round sunny country , very damaging for the hair . I daily use a drop of Argan Oil to avoid dry and split ends.

  9. This are great products! How I wish I used this when I still had my long hair so it would look shiny alway. Haha!

  10. I’m currently on a hair growing journey, after having my hair in a bob for almost a year I’ve decided to try and grow it to at least below my shoulders, I had bleached it twice in the last 6 months so it’s very damaged and I’ve been using a shampoo specifically for dry/damaged hair, a mask for split ends and an argan oil to keep it extra nourished. I’ve seen such an improvement and luckily for me my hair grows thick and healthy very quickly as long as I follow those few steps. I try not to use heat as that does not help at all!! This is a great post

    1. Thank you, Georgia! I lessen my styling too it does a lot of damage to the hair.

  11. This is a dilemma that I have. I find it hard to maintain. The waxing thing is new to me. Never thought that you can wax your hair as well. Will definitely try this and update you of the result. Thanks for this tips 🙂

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