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Easy 5-step DIY Paper Flower

Last May, my boyfriend and I celebrated our anniversary. I prepared three gifts for him but I do not know how to wrap them in an elegant and sophisticated manner. After much thinking, I decided to go with brown paper wrappers and orange ribbons. However, orange was not available in the store. Hence, I went with brown paper with blue and gold ribbons. I bought two different shades of the blue ribbon for contrast, and a thin gold ribbon for a little bit of highlight.

When I laid them altogether, I felt the whole ensemble lacks something else. Alas! It needs a little bloom to make it more appealing. Thus, I decided to make a DIY paper flower to glue on top of the gift.

Here is how to make a DIY paper flower that you can use in almost anything, whether as part of a gift wrap, a bouquet, or a backdrop.

Step 1: Prepare your materials
  • Crepe/tissue paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Colour pen (optional)
Step 1: Prepare your materials
Step 2: Draw a circle

Make sure your crepe or tissue paper if folded a few times over. I just used the fold it already has when I bought it from the craft store.

On your crepe or tissue paper, draw a circle. The size of the circle depends on how big or small you want your flower to be. I just used an ordinary mug as stencil in drawing the circle.

Step 2: Draw a circle. 
Step 3: Cut and staple

Cut the crepe or tissue paper along the circle you drew. Staple the middle of the circle to hold all the layers together.

Step 3: Cut and staple.
Step 4: Colour the sides *optional

With a colouring pen, shade the sides of your stapled layers. This will add a little bit of colour to your DIY paper flower. If you want plain-coloured flowers, you can skip this step.

Step 5: Crunch

Now, your DIY paper flower is ready. All you have to do is crunch every layer to make them look like petals.

Step 5: Crunch

All done! Here is how your DIY paper flower should look like.


Did you like this DIY paper flower tutorial? Do you know other techniques on how to make paper flowers? Share it with us by commenting below or dropping me an email at smiley jpg

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43 thoughts on “Easy 5-step DIY Paper Flower

  1. Interesting! Haha, a new trick I learned today and would love to use that as a ribbon for my gift to husband this father’s day. Super thanks. If only my son is a girl, i would have used that ribbon concept too as decor to his 1st bday.

  2. oh wow that was cool and surprisingly easy! I agree with Sir Robert… you made it look so easy to make… this is really creative and very inexpensive too yet it looks really great! Thank you for sharin this! I We might apply this soon on my projects!

  3. That is a sweet idea for a present. Your instructions were very clear. The pictures were helpful too. I really feel like I could make one on my own now!

    1. Thank you, Dominic! That would help my blog a lot. I’ll try to post more DIY projects in the future 😊

  4. Wow. The process was easy. Haha. The flower itself is very nice but it looks like the color of the flower doesn’t fit the wrapper? I dont know. Just my opinion. Hehe. Though this is an A for effort. 👍

    1. Haha i wanted the flower to standout witht the ribbons. That’s why I used plain brown paper as wrapper 😊 thanks, Aya!

  5. i would like to try this in every gift i wrapped as it really adds a unique accent. Kudos to you for making it look so easy to make. I tried this before and failed big time but since I learn from your blog on how to do it the right way, I will try again soon. I’m going to look forward to more DIY tutorial on your .blog as this one is easy to follow.

    1. Thanks, Kim! Keep in toucn and stay updated by liking my blog’s FB page and following me on IG 😉🌼

  6. You’re very creative! I find this kind of activity really adorable during our digital age. Nakakasawa na ang mga gadgets, haha! If I have a free time, will definitely spend it also in such kind of creative outlet. Keep it up! 🙂

  7. I like things like this ! Look what pretty things you can easily make out of paper , really sweet . You are explaining and illustrating the procedure very well , thumbs up for this post ! Checking definitely for more ideas on your blog !

    1. Hi, Klaudia! Thanks. Stay updated by following my blog via email, Facebook or Instagram 😉🌼

  8. This seems very enjoyable and easy to do. I am not really crafty so I will just try this one and hopefully I’ll get a flower that’s as beautiful as yours 🙂

  9. Looks super easy! I’ll try this when I need my gifts to have that pop. Didn’t really know that this type of flower diy is that simple!

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