Mirriam Dictionary is an anthology of my adventures and misadventures in life. Hop in and ride it  with me!



The blog’s history  

I started the blog way back in 2009 where I wrote a lot of silly things a college girl could ever write. When I graduated college, I entered law school and had to drop the blog to maintain passing grades. In December 2015, I revived and revamped it to the lifestyle blog it is trying to be today.

What you’ll find in Mirriam Dictionary  

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Monthly list of movies
I love going to the cinema and watching movies on the big screen. I prefer action, comedy, and romcom although the list I create monthly covers other genres.


DIY party favour finish


DIY projects

I am a big fan of do-it-yourself. If you are into creating your own giveaway or gifts, I have some projects that might be of interest to you. Well, you can always commission me to do the work for you. Just drop me an email. *wink*






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Beauty and skin care

Skincare is very important for both men and women. Once in a while, I review products and share my thoughts here.



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Food and restaurant reviews

Well, who does not need to eat? I love going out for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Hence, I share my thoughts on restaurants around town.






Supported causes/communities

I am no philantrophist but my friends and I often help as much as we can. Featuring causes in my blog helps raise awareness, and encourage others to lend a helping hand.






Personal stories

Of course, Mirriam Dictionary will not be complete without my escapades.







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