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Had My Hair Cut Short Because…

Anyone who follows me on Instagram would know that I have long locks. Recently, though, I had it cut short, as in 12 inches short. Here’s why.

Our hair is our crowning glory. That is why a lot of people spend tens of thousands to have the perfect, shiny, bouncy hair. That is also the reason why I only go to Piandré. It is the only salon I trust with my crowning glory. The members of the staff are very friendly and professional, and they only use world class, top of the line products.

The partnership

Last year, when I had my hair trimmed, Isabel, one of my favorite stylists in Piandré Greenbelt branch, told me about Piandré’s partnership with Kythe Foundation. Piandré and Kythe had Be Brave, Get Shaved and Hair2Share projects where students of Ateneo donated their precious locks. The hair will be forwarded to Donate Your Hair Today in Cebu which the latter would transform into wigs for cancer patients. Today, Piandré continues to accept hair donations.

After learning about this, I told myself I will grow my hair as long as I can, and donate it six months after. I do not have the most beautiful hair in town but I know that even the few strands I donate can be a strand of hope to kids with cancer.

My crowning glory: before and after

Yes, I was determined from the start to grow my hair long. I also spent as much as I can buying products to help keep my hair long and healthy. (I will dedicate a separate post about the products I used). Hence, I did not cry when, Whines Herrera, also one of my favorite hairstylists,  asked me if I was ready to cut my hair short. Last Saturday, May 14, 2016, I bid good-bye to my long locks and channeled my inner Thea Queen.

Below are some snippets. My boyfriend also got his hair cut. He did not donate though because his hair is way too short. (I was not able to take loads of pictures because I have a schedule to follow haha)

Donating your hair to Kythe

Your hair has power you are yet to unleash. Do not just book a keratin session for nothing. Grow it long and donate your crowning glory by simply following these steps. .

how to donate

About Kythe Foundation

Kythe is a non-profit, non-stock organization which aims to improve the quality of life among hospitalized children with cancer and other chronic illnesses. Its Child Life Program provides psycho-social support that alleviates the anxiety of pediatric patients who suffer from illness such as cancer, heart condition, kidney disease, and blood disorders. The foundation believes that every child has the right to learn, play and grow even while confined in the hospital. Know more about Kythe here.

Have you donated your hair before? Do you want to donate your hair? Comment below or drop me an email at smiley jpg







68 thoughts on “Had My Hair Cut Short Because…

    1. Thanks, Heidi! Wow! That sounds equally interesting and empowering for the beneficiaries as well. 🙂

  1. I can remember that I planned of doing this too but I don’t know why this totally slipped my mind. My mom had been telling me to cut my hair but I told hair I intend to donate it. Many things happened including typhoon Yolanda where we lost our home and so I forgot about this. Congratulations that you were able to donate your hair….and you look even lovelier with short hair!

    1. I hope you and your family fully recovered after the typhoon.

      You can donate anytime anyway. Thanks for the compliment and for dropping by 😉

    1. Hi, Bettina! Thank you for the compliment and for dropping by. Yes, i still paid for my haircut. I don’t mind though because Whines is like a goddess in haircutting 😉

  2. You can’t even feel the sacrifice of losing your long hair as you know it willl be used to an essential thing. I’ve been growing my hair and selling it for years now. Maybe this year I will not sell it but donate instead! You look great on your short hair by the way.

    1. Hi, Jessica! Thanks for the compliment and for dropping by. Please tell me about your experience when you get the chance 😊 for now, keep your hair growing 😉

  3. Your short cut is so cute! But your hair was beautiful before too! I think it’s a very generous thing you did donating your hair. I don’t think I would ever be comfortable having short hair myself because I am so used to having it long! As you say, our hair is our crowning glory!

    1. Hi, Stella! Thanks for dropping by 😊 i’m not used to wearing my hair this short but I’m lovin’ it. 😉

  4. It’s truly admirable that you donated your hair. And you’re rocking your new hair. I’ve never tried Piandré before as I usually frequent either Creations by Lourd Ramos or Jesi Mendez salon. I didn’t know that they have a partnership with Kythe. If only my hair isn’t naturally curly, I would have donated some of my hair too. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Maybe, you still can. Not all wigs have straight hair anyway. 😉thanks for dropping by!

  5. I think that is so nice that the organization tries to make the kid’s lives better. We have been in the hospital a few time with our daughter and I can tell you that all of the touches of kindness mean more than you probably know. BTW, your hair was very nice and I’m sure will make a very nice wig for someone who needs it. God bless!

    1. Hi, Angel! Cheers to you for teaching kindness to a beautiful daughter at an early age. Thank you for the compliment and for dropping by 😉

  6. My I say, you look really amazing with the short hair! I love to have a new short hair cut soon as well. I remember, few years back, I was planning to donate my hair but I didn’t know how. So I ended up throwing it away. 😦

    1. Hi, Nilyn! Thanks for the compliment. My hair’s inspired by Thea Queen in the Arrow series by CW. 😊

  7. Thank you for your share. It is heart warming to know that a wonderful person from Kythe Foundation will benefit from your locks.

    Continue sharing, bookmarking your site. Cheers!

    1. Haha it wasn’t that hard, Sebastian, since I was determined from the start that I will donate my hair. Thanks for dropping by 😉

  8. With the warm weather we’re experiencing here and there, cutting it short might not be a bad idea, for practicality purposes. Of course, it’s all about whether that decision gives us more pros than cons and I think the former outweighs everything else. It looks good on you. I’m impressed to see a salon like Piandre partnering with a cause and that is one good sign of excellent service and business. I would certainly offer my own locks within a bat of an eye if only I was there back at home.

    1. Hi, Karla! I hope your hair is long and healthy when you get back. Piandre really has an excellent service. (not to promote, just speaking the truth). thanks for dropping by 😉

  9. Aw I would love to do this but my hair is still short and I don’t know if there’s a Piandre branch in Cebu btw your short hair looks really good in you, you look younger hihi

    1. Hi, Ret! Thanks for the compliment. Whines said their Cebu branch just opened 😉 growing your locks take time. Be patient 😊

  10. I salute you for undertaking this endeavor. Hair is one of the things that we really like to take care of but you were willing to give it away for a great cause. You are amazing. I’m sure the cancer patient who would have your hair would be thankful.

  11. This is a strange (at least to me be) but still a value adding way to help a community. I never thought hair is this valuable since in our regular salon, cut hair goes straight to the garbage

    1. Well, for some people wigs are symbols of hope. Hope that someday somehow, they will be cured of cancer or, at least, get the chance to experience life normally. I hope more salons would do what Piandre does.

  12. Does Peandre have Cebu branch? If only I have known, I should have told my cousin to cut her hair in one of the branches they have so that her hair won’t be put into waste! But anyway, this is surely an interesting act done by the brand. I really find it amazing and heart warming too!

  13. I like what you did. It is truly touching and more than the readers, it is the lives of children with cancer who could be uplifted in spirit. Your selfless act should be emulated.

    1. Thank you, sir Robert. I hope that this simple blog would encourage others to do the same 😊

  14. What a great idea and such a good deed donating your hair ! I have never heard of that before , yeah I knew about selling your hair , but not donating for a charity initiative. I love that idea , thanks for telling us about . By the way , I like your new hair style , it suits you very well

  15. I want to do this too but I’m still growing my hair hehe. Definitely a noble thing to do to not put your precious locks to waste! I believe MATRIX has the same drive I just don’t remember if it’s still active. 😀

      1. I have long hair since maliit pa, then 2 years ago I decided to cut may hair really short. Sayang, I am not aware of things like this before. But now you have given me an idea 🙂

  16. This is a bold move and very admirable. Raising awareness of donating hair to cancer patients has always been my dream but my hair won’t cooperate and I just keep on cutting it due to the intense heat. I admire your patience in growing your hair. 🙂

  17. This was a very bold move from you and it’s nice that you decided to donate your hair for charity. I don’t know if I could ever cut my long hair and that’s because when I was little my parents used to cut my hair very short and call me a boy. 🙂

    1. That’s a surprising past, Joanna. Well, whether boy or girl, we can all makr a move to help others 😊

  18. Been growing my hair for years too so I can donate. My only problem is due to lot of exposure to sun and beach this summer it becomes dry so I had to trim it. Can’t wait to see your tips on how can I maintain it healthy!;)

    1. Don’t forget to follow my blog via email and like the Facebook page for updates 😉

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