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Chow Down: Shares Yard – Shawarma and Pares

It’s been around a couple of months since I first saw this hole-in-the-wall, pop-up restaurant. Last night, I visited the place along with my friends from🍴

The name of the place is Shares Yard – Shawarma and Pares. [Pronounced as Sha-Res] Yes, they serve shawarma and pares. Pares is a Filipino cuisine similar to a brisket.

The Place

The ground floor of the building used to be an office space. Probably, the interiors is not yet fully equipped to handle a restaurant. Hence, the tables outside. What I really love about the ambiance at Shares Yard is the string lights. It gives a very warm atmosphere to the place. I did not feel awkward eating outside at all. Besides, you can see the food being prepared nearby. It made me drool so much that I want to loiter around the shawarma station! Hahaha

Shares Yard

The place has loads of room for improvement, though. It is a very, very open area. You really have to eat at your own risk. Be careful where you put your belongings because some insane person can easily grab them and run away. I believe there is CCTV though but, still, better be safe than sorry. Another thing to expect is that it will be a bit noisy and smoky because the tables are literally a few steps away from the main road. Surprisingly, I did not notice the numerous cars which passed by. It is probably because of the great company I dined with, and the awesome service extended to us by the entire crew.

The Food

  1. Pares Meal

I am not really a fan of pares because it is often made up of what we call ‘lamang loob’ in Filipino or entrails. At Shares Yard, they offer a different kind of pares. Theirs is very beefy and savory. The meat is really soft that each cut almost melts in your mouth! The sauce is salty and sweet at the same time. Each order of pares comes with UNLIMITED BULALO soup and UNLIMITED chili sauce. Despite the scorching heat, I refilled my soup twice and my chili sauce thrice! The rice that comes with the pares meal is topped with garlic. Hence, if you combine a bit of chili sauce, a slice of pares, and the rice with a bit of garlic, you will end up with a smoky taste. Yummmm. Yummmm.

Pares Meal
  1. Shawarma rice

Their Shawarma rice also tastes good. It is so cheesy! Apart from that, they added turmeric to the rice. If you haven’t tried turmeric or are not eating one, do not worry. Turmeric is almost tasteless yet very healthy. However, if you are the type of person who wants more meat than rice, you might want to opt for an order of pares meal.

Pares and Shawarma rice
  1. Shawarma

We also had the chance to taste the shawarma. Basically, it is the same shawarma mix but this time with the pita bread. What is unique about Shares Yard is that they make everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, from scratch. They do not source out anything but the raw ingredients.

Shawarma Station
  1. Shawizza

Another unique option in their menu is the Shawizza. You guessed it! It is a shawarma pizza. Well, it is not really oven baked. The pita is simply thicker but it is not rolled like a shawarma. It comes in two sizes, big and small. If you are with a group, ordering Shawizza is a better option than individual shawarma.


The menu is very limited, just shawarma and pares as base. That is probably their biggest downside but, considering that it is just a hole-in-the-wall, I think the menu is just right. The pita for the Shawizza is a bit on the sweet side so here is a little tip to make your Shawizza a bit different: drizzle a good amount of chili sauce on top. It gives the Shawizza a spicy kick and smoky after taste. Yeah, go try it. Thank me later. Hahaha

Menu and Shawarma

The Verdict

                     Food: 4/5
                   Value for money: 5/5
                   Ambiance: 3/5
                  Service: 5/5 

Location: F.B. Cueto Building, Pallocan West, Batangas City

Operating hours: Friday and Saturday 5:30 pm onwards

Me with the owners and Batangueño bloggers 

P.S. They serve iced tea in really cute glasses. Don’t forget to order one 😉


20 watts iced tea 😂

Have you ever tried Shares Yard? Share your thoughts. Comment below or drop me an email at 😊

7 thoughts on “Chow Down: Shares Yard – Shawarma and Pares

    1. Hi, Mary. Yup, on the sweet side yung pita and pares. Yung pares, mas masarap pag may chili sauce 😊

  1. Prices are pretty reasonable and the vibe of the place feels very “80s for me.. I haven’t tried drinking in a bulb yet. I think it’s a cool concept. Also seeing this makes me want to eat pares again.

  2. OMG! Batangas CITY! Shawarma! Pares! Those are a couple of my favorite food! ❤ And I think I saw those bulb glasses in a Japan Home center store in Shang.. Excited to check this out.. Wishing that this will also be in Lipa! coz that's where I'm in hahahaha When I first read this I thought it's somewhere in manila.. I love how very rouge and homey the ambiance is 🙂

  3. Shawarma and Pares? Please sign me in! Those are my two most favorite food. I love eating pares after having a drink with my friends. I would love to try these out considering how affordable they are. Bummer that they are too far from me 😦

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