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Tips & Tricks of Living in Madison 101’s Dormitory

Madison 101 Hotel + Tower is an extraordinary edifice. It is not just a hotel. It is a dormitory too. I had the chance to live at Madison 101 Hotel + Tower’s dormitory for, summing it all up, roughly a year. I have seen it transform from a building still under construction to a full-fledged dormitory and hotel. I was able to experience living in a room for 2 and a room for 8. Let me share with you my experiences and a few tips and tricks of living in Madison 101.

How to post on your dorm wall without violating policies

I love the homey feeling inside the dorm room. The gray walls are bare but it is somehow calming. Do not attempt to stick reviewers or other things on the walls. The residue from the tape makes the walls look ugly. I brought a few magnets instead so I can have my own ‘happy wall’.

That red frame is a magnet 😉
How to fit everything in a tall, slim cabinet

Each dormer has one tall cabinet with 3 big slots. Do not judge the cabinet by how it looks. It may appear slim but your life can fit through it. I brought a big luggage of clothes and they all fit in my cabinet with extra spaces for toiletries, beddings, and other things. One trick: hang your clothes. I have 1 wooden hanger for 3 pants, 1 wooden hanger for 5 dresses, 1 hanger for a jacket (which I also use to store my belts), 1 hanger for my 2 shawls, and 1 hanger for my undershirts. I have extra hangers to hang some shirts.

Upper or lower deck?

All dorm rooms at Madison 101 Hotel + Tower have double decks. When I stayed in a room for 2, I opted for the higher deck because I love how it feels to see a bird’s eye view of things. The bed is not really that high, though. When I stayed in a room for 8, I chose the lower deck. Which is better? I would say it is easier to jump into bed when you are in the lower deck but if you want to, as much as possible, avoid the comfy bed to study, better go with the upper deck.

I got the lower bunk.
A room well-lit

All rooms have warm light. I knooooow. These lights are so not conducive for studying. I brought a reading lamp (see above photo 😜) with me so I can study even in the bedroom. There is a study area by the canteen if you want to study with other dormers. There is also a coffee shop downstairs, Qups Quarters Café, where you can read from 8am to 10pm. However, if it is review season for soon-to-be lawyers, and soon-to-be doctors, you might want to reserve your spot once the café opens.

To Qups Quarters at the Lower Ground.
Study tables?

In a room for 2 and 4, a table is provided for every dormer. In a room for 6 and 8, unfortunately, there is no table. My roommates and I rented a long table though for P300/month so we can put our foodsssss (yes, a lot of food), water, and utensils. I bought a breakfast in bed table so I can study comfortably even in bed.

How to make ‘tipid’ in electricity and water

A room for 8 comes at P4,500 per person exclusive of electricity and water. Electricity is charged at P12.95/kwh while water is at P72.16/cu.m. I am not really sure if those rates are expensive or just the right rate for rooms in the metro but my roommates and I have a few tricks on how to keep them both at the minimum.

In our room for 8, we have a lot of mobile phones (some of my roommates have 2 mobile phones each), tablets, and a laptop. The room is air conditioned, the ceiling lights are warm lights (thus, consume more electricity), and there is a built in shower heater. Other things we use which require electricity are: hair blowers, hair straighteners, toothbrush, iron, water heaters, and reading lamps.

Yes, we use electricity a lot but we paid only around P1,000 each for a month (both electricity and water). Here’s how we did it.

  1. We scheduled our use of the air conditioning unit.

We turn it on for 2-3 hours daily. Sometimes, 2 hours at night. On hotter days, we turn it on for an hour in the morning and another at night.

  1. We boil water for coffee/tea using one water heater.

Every morning, we ask each other who will have coffee so we can just boil water once.

  1. We do not turn all the ceiling lights on.

In the morning, we open the blinds so natural light can pass through the window. At around 5 or 6pm, we turn 2 ceiling lights. There are 5 ceiling lights, 4 near our beds and one at the washing area. If we turn them on all at once, the room will get hotter because of the warm lights. Hence, we only switch 2 on. We only turn on the light at the wash area when we use the sink.

Featuring my roomies (whom I did these hacks with) and our crazy room. (they’ll kill me for posting this LOL)

What dorm room hacks have you tried? Comment below or drop me a message at 😊

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DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a sponsored post.  I am NOT paid to write this post. All thoughts and opinions remain honest, genuine, and NOT biased. This post is based on my own experience.

30 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks of Living in Madison 101’s Dormitory

  1. When I came into your blog, I felt like i’m in a winter wonderland that you are having a winter season now in your blog. I love it! I read this article, I found good ways to make full use of place. Living in an apartment I may need these tips as well. However I don’t believe in breakfast in bed table as a study table, I may end up being a slug =p. But it is a great tip for those who can read on bed! If I stay in Madison 101, I will be someone who wants the lower bed, as I never like to be at the top (who knows I may fall =p).

    As for being at home, I always believe that as long as there are nice roomies, anywhere can be a homey place to stay in. Are you still staying in Madison 101? all the best in your studies if your are still a student.

    1. I am back in the province and loving the comforts of our home again but, yes, as long as there are nice roomies, anywhere can be a homey place ❤

  2. I give you guys A+ in effort. Indeed, with more people, getting organized and getting along well with each other is not easy. And that is why you guys did the one thing that eliminates many issues. RULES. So for that, A+ for you and your roomies.

  3. Hello! Nice post. I think I won’t find any difficulties staying at the dorm. The design is minimalist but still pretty. It’s okay if it’s too small, because I am already small. But is it only for people who want to stay there for the shake of approaching yourself to the work pace? Or is it also for the backpackers who visit the the city?

  4. Wow, these tips may exclusively for Madison 101, but I’m sure these are as well be a help for my little room. Thank you for sharing about this beautiful idea of yours. I can now revamp how my room looks like before the year end. You seemed to be very am organize person.

  5. This reminds me of the time I also stayed in a dormitory, but I was in a solo room. I find your rate expensive though, because where I stayed, I paid only P5,000 inclusive of water and electricity and I got a solo room. Yes, we don’t have an aircon but there’s a fridge and a TV in the communal area. This dorm is located in Makati by the way.

    But anyway, looks like you even made friends with your dorm mates, I couldn’t say the same thing haha… In the 3 years I stayed there, I just kept to myself.

  6. Hi, Marge! Chanced to visit you blog again. Somehow, your rent in dormitory is quite expensive. However, I would rather spend in an expensive one for my safety and comfy rather than in cheap on which is uncomfortable and unsafe. Plus, you got the chance to meeting new peeps whose also living in the same dormitory.

    1. I have the same principle, Allan. 😊 We have a 24-hr guard on duty, a front desk, and 24-hr wifi. There are lots of perks. 😉

  7. Wow! I love the minimalist feeling of the dorm. Also, I think it’s really pretty and clean! It reminds me of the dorm feels abroad……. those dorms inside the school. Im staying in a dorm inside UP Los Banos and it looks and feels nothing like this. I wish we have something as homey as this one. 🙂

    1. Haha May I know what dorm you are staying in? That’s probably, just probably, my dorm when I was in UP 😉

  8. I have never ever slept or stayed in a dorm. I almost did one when I was about to break up with my now husband. I can’t even relate to what you are talking about! I guess I missed out on all that bit. college life I guess. Either way, it sounds like you had a grand time! As did your roommates.

  9. When I was still studying, I wasn’t fortunate enough to experience living in a dorm. Hehehe… My parents are too clingy and wanted me to go to a college in our city. True enough, I went to a college that is only a walking distance away from the house! Hahaha…

    Anyway, I am so happy for you that you get to experience a life in a dormitory. The places look very cool and safe to me. And the smiles! I would love to have dormmates like that share the same passion as me, food!

    1. Hahaha my dorms are always just a few steps away from my school 😊 I’m sure you had your fair share of fun, a bit differently, though. At least, you had the chance to wake up late but still make it just in time for class because of the proximity of your home to the university 😊

  10. I didn’t stay in a dorm when I was studying, as my school was just near to my parents place. But, I did stayed in a dorm while traveling and it is really nice to know more of these hacks. My reason for staying in Dorms while traveling although totally different from a dorm of students, is that how amazing it could be meeting new friends. I am glad you meet good friends and whom you can go with on how to live with an aircon on a limited time. It is vwey important to understand each needs of your dormmates too. 🙂

    1. I very much agree, Ferna! Dorm life is a journey in itself where we can meet people we’ll learn to call ‘sisters’ ❤

    1. Hi, Fine! Yes, you can. Besides, you’ll be the one to pay the electricity bill. (Unless, they changed the terms as to bringing appliances). Best of luck on the bar exams. You’re enrolled in Jurists? 😊

  11. Thank you for this blog, gave me a glimpse of what my life would be in my future stay at madison dorm as a br reviewee. 😉 You mentioned you experienced staying in a good for 8 & good for 2 room type. Which room is better? Hindi ba masikip sa good for 2? 😊

    1. Hi! Thank you for reading the blog 😊 Room for 2 is just right for 2 persons (so are the other rooms). It really boils down on how each tenant relate to each other. I hope you get a good stay as I did and best of luck on the bar exams. ❤

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