5 Inspiring Quotes From Game of Thrones

As you probably know, the series Game of Thrones is scheduled every Monday. Well, it has been weeks since the last episode of Season 6 was aired yet I still experience a relapse from watching the show every Monday. To assuage myself of the need to watch Game of Thrones, I collated some inspiring quotes from the series.

Game of Thrones series is nothing near inspiring. If I were to summarize it to a non-viewer or non-reader, I can say it is all about throne, blood, and sex. However, George R.R. Martin’s no ordinary writer. Hence, his wise words can be a source of inspiration to us all. In no particular order, here are 5 inspiring quotes from Game of Thrones that can help make your Monday more bearable.

#1 Every flight begins with a fall.


#2 Different roads sometimes lead to the same castle.


#3 There’s no shame in fear, my father told me, what matters is how we face it.


#4 Every man should lose a battle in his youth, so he does not lose a war when he is old.


#5 Kill the boy and let the man be born.



What are your favourite quotes from the series or the book? Comment below or drop me an email at smiley jpg

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50 thoughts on “5 Inspiring Quotes From Game of Thrones

      1. How could I possibly comment with more sentences when it can all be summarized into two? Valar Morghulis and Valar Dohaeris. HAHAHA

  1. I have never watched Game of Thrones, but those quotes are awesome and can be applied to every day life. For example, losing a battle to win a war… I was set up to fail by my dad the first time I work for our family business, so I could learn lessons.

    1. Haha try one episode. 2 of my friends accidentally watched one and it got them hooked. Now, they’re trying to catch up with season 6 😉

  2. It might sound so outdated but I still don’t watch a single episode of GOT yet. Haha. But I do love these quotdes. Well-selected. I love most the line, Every flight begins with a fall. Reminds me actually /though not full-related) when I learned how to ride a bike. Every ride begins with a fall. Lol.

    1. Haha that’s absolutely true. Try 1episode. I suggest season 9, battle of bastards episode. 😉

  3. I didn’t watch Game of Thrones but your quotable quotes are on point and dig it all. I totally agree with the learnings. P.S. I was too interested in watching Game of Thrones same as Harry Potter. I need a lot of time. Haha. I am so outdated.

  4. I don’t watch GoT… at all… but I’ve read the series and it’s amazing. Undoubtedly the quotes are wonderful and so meaningful when you come to think of it. But the books have even more, you know. Try to lay your hands on them if you ever get time 🙂

    1. Hi, Sriparna! I did. I’ve read all 5. The books on the feature image are my books. Can’t wait for Winds of Winyer 😊

  5. I must admit , I have never seen A single episode of game of throne.My fav quote out of these is the third one. And please , don’t kill the boy to let the man be born . Every man should cherish that little boy inside and make sure he’ll keep that all his life ! We become grumpy when we get older anyway , so stay a bit childish as long as possible 😉

    1. Klaudia, you have a great point. If you’re a bookworm, I encourage you to read the book. You will understand the deeper meaning of kill the boy and all the other good quotes 😉 if I may also suggest, watch season 6, battle of bastards episode. 😊

  6. Know what, I thought only 10% of the population still haven’t watched GOT but a lot of us still haven’t hahaha I think you’re the only blogger who has lot’s of time watching TV series? haha Anyways, the quotes totally apply in real life, the power of words, truly admirable.

    1. Hi, John! I discovered that intriguing fact too 😂 I don’t really have lots of time.I just find time for it. I’ve read the books and they are all astonishing. 📖

  7. Those are quotes to live by and are really timely even to this modern day. I love the #4 Every man should lose a battle in his youth, so he does not lose a war when he is old.

  8. Awesome quotes. I really liked “Every man should lose a battle in his youth, so he does not lose a war when he is old.” It’s good to take risks while we’re young, there’s a lot to consider when we’re older.

  9. I love Game of Thrones. Totally addicted. I also like a quote fromTyrion: Never forget what you are, the rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor and it can never be used to hurt you.

    1. Finally, a fellow GOT lover 😉 I love Tyrion too. No!!! I hate him (if you know what I mean 😜). A little man who never fails to say wise words. ❤

  10. I’ll bookmark this. A good source of inspiration when I’m feeling down. How about the quote “You know nothing, Jon Snow” just kidding. thanks for sharing

  11. I love the quotes. I must admit I NEVER watched GOT just because I never got curious before. I promised myself to watch it when the hype will subside. Though I think that won’t happen yet 😂😂😂

  12. Brace yourself, winter is coming. 🙂 I’ve always liked that quote and meme. 😀 LOL I’ve watched some of the GoT but i do know how to… “Hold the door.” 😛 Haha Great quotes! Every movie and TV series will always have lessons ingrained to them. We just need try hard to find them. 😉

  13. GOT! I love watching this, who wouldn’t right! There might be a lot of killing in this but you can learn a lot from the characters and great plot as well

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