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How to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution All Year Round

New Year, New Me is a phrase we often see as a Facebook status and hashtag every new year but how significant is this phrase?

One can easily take an awesome NYE selfie, and caption it with a new year promise to self, and add the hashtag #newyearnewme. After a week or so, when all the fireworks have been lit and all NYE photos are a thing of the past, you are back to your old self.

Once again too lazy to hit the gym, still buying a whole new wardrobe even when there’s no need for it, and back to stalking your ex despite the promise that 2017 is a moving on year.

Here are a few tips on how to achieve your new year’s resolutions with ease and confidence and bring a new meaning to the phrase “New Year, New Me”.

  1. Write your resolutions.

Posting on Facebook about your New Year, New Me resolution does not count. Facebook posts are ephemeral. You will only be reminded of your resolutions a year after when it pops in Facebook memories. You need to write them down on a piece of paper where you can see it daily.

Ahem…that’s what all those calories for getting a Starbucks planner are for. Get that pen working and write your new year’s resolutions.


  1. Set clear goals.

Just like in defining business objectives, you need to be specific about what you want.

If you want to achieve a healthier you this 2017, you have to set clear goals. Do not just say I will hit the gym and lose weight. You need to plan how often you will be in the gym. Have a target body weight too!

If you want to lessen your expenditures, have a budget and do not go overboard it.

If you want to move on from a heartbreak, you need to calm your emotions down and define the changes you want to happen this year.

Setting clear and achievable goals is a way to keep yourself on track all year round.

  1. Take baby steps.

Take the song ‘Can’t help falling in love’ by Elvis Presley, and remember that only fools rush in.

If you want a new and fab version of you this year, you need to start small. Do not immediately workout for 2 hours on Day 1 at the gym. Your body will surely be sore the day after, and chances are, you will find ways to reschedule your exercise sessions. Set an achievable target weight instead.

As for your budget, saving money does not really mean not buying anything at all. You can still splurge on a new pair of Gucci shoes. All you need to do is to plan how and when you will spend your money. On your next trip to the grocery, try listing all the things you need to buy and stick to that list.

As for your heart, well, it is not easy to get through a heartbreak. Give yourself some time. Spend a lot of ‘me time’ because that is where you will really get to know yourself better.


  1. Share your new year’s resolutions with your best-est friends.

When you want to achieve something, you have to let the world know how much you want it. Sharing your goals to your friends will make it easier for you to achieve your new year’s resolutions.

Maybe your barkada know where the best gym is, or they can help prevent you from going shopping, or they are shoulders to cry on as you bid good bye to painful past. Having someone by your side every step of the way makes things easier.


What other strategies to achieve New Year’s Resolutions can we apply? Share your thoughts. Comment below or drop me an email at ☺️

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17 thoughts on “How to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution All Year Round

    1. I’m glad these tricks will help you get back on track, Indrani. Let me know how things turn out 😊

  1. I used to make resolutions every year, but I skipped it this year. I always make resolutions but I never really do follow it so I just decided to go with the flow instead. Because we don’t really know what’s in it for us in the future. Let’s just see where life would take me.

  2. Change is something that everyone’s afraid of. I guess this is the main reason why almost everyone won’t be able to fulfill their new year’s resolution. I love the “Set clear goals” item and make sure to make it realistic and measurable as well. The most important part as well is your commitment to do your part to aim that goal. 🙂

    1. I agree. No matter how clear one’s goals are, if they are not committed in achieving them, nothing will happen.

  3. Exactly! i never make resolutions unless i feel i’ll be sticking with it. But now after reading this helping post, i have decided to work on things on a regular basis so that becomes a habbit and at the end of this year i can say it was the best year.

  4. I totally agree with your list. It is crucial to writing them down and set goals. What I also do is, I try to implement my resolutions as little daily habits. Well, in the beginning, it might be a bit difficult, but after a while, you cannot live without it. 🙂 Nice post!

  5. This is great advice! I know that my new year’s resolution was to work more on my blog. It can be hard because I also have a full-time job teaching. But I will take your advice and be more specific about my blog goals. This will make it easier for me to achieve them!

  6. I agree that writing is better than just posting resolutions on Facebook. I have a planner now and what ever I set to finish, I’m trying my best to finish it. It really helps. I have daily goals and also monthly ones. It easily reminds me to do those things.

  7. The only thing I love about New year is buying a new planner! Hahaha. The hunt for a perfect planner for the next year to come, untiring effort to check each store’s items and looking for new writing tools are the only reason why I love new years. I’m not really fond of giving myself resolutions each year, but writing them down is a good place to start if you want to stick with them. This is a cute post, though! 😉

  8. I think new year goals are better than resolutions, i think? Haha since it’s hard to do them let’s change the word. Tho your tips are really good! And maybe I can try them and hopefully it’ll work for me.

  9. Yeah! Love this post! Frankly am one who don’t really believe in having resolutions coz am unable to commit & then fulfill them….learnt some tips sharing here, turn my resolutions to small little daily habits, perhaps easier then 😉 cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  10. I have written down a number of goals I would like to accomplish for this year. And I must agree, it does help to write them down so you will see a tangible reminder of them. Makes you feel more determined to tick them all off! 🙂

    It also pays to tell someone close to you about your goals so you’ll have someone to bug you when you are being lazy or lagging. In my case, it is my sister, but sometimes it gets annoying the way she reminds me of my goal to be mindful and intentional this year! 😀

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