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Hassle-free Holidays with The Chef Charm’s Golden Spoon

Holiday season means holiday rush. Don’t deny it. You know there is a long queue at the gift shop, gift wrapping section, and supermarket. Here’s a tip to help you have awesome gifts for loved ones and a scrumptious Noche Buena without all the fuss: consider food as gifts and order out your menu for Christmas night.

The Chef Charm’s Golden Spoon is one of the local stores in Batangas which sells packed candies, brownies, cupcakes, sauces, breads, and a lot more. They also accept catering services for your parties. You can even order platters of meals and pastas.

Let me give you a sneak peek of what’s in store. 😉

Gift ideas

Food is one of the best gifts ever!

  • First, FOOD IS LIFE! 😅

Whoever would say that they do not need food is lying. Haha We all eat. Kids love chocolates and cookies while adults are more into breads and dips, or cupcakes. The Chef Charm’s Golden Spoon can cater to any age and any taste buds.

I was able to try the bittersweet brownies, cappuccino brownies, and moist brownies. A good thing about their brownies is that they are not sweet. If you’ll ask me which I loved best, I must say I will be biased. As a coffee lover, I loved the cappuccino brownies the most. I can really taste the bitterness and strength of coffee.


The Chef Charm’s Golden Spoon also have lots of candies and chocolates. Some of the chocolates are being resold while others are handcrafted by Chef Charmi herself.

Since I am such a fan of bread and dips, I tried The Charm’s Golden Spoon’s ciabatta bread and za’atar dip.  I love the aromatic scent and subtle taste of the dip that blends well with the bread.


  • Second, it is very easy to give food as gifts.

No need to wrap ‘em up. For example, the candies. They are beautifully packed in a clear bag. You can just add a ribbon or staple your tag. For every purchase, you can also choose from their green and red ecobags.


Noche Buena paluto

Christmas is a wonderful season but it is very tiring as well. Especially when you have to prepare for Noche Buena. There’s a way to remove all the hustle on Christmas eve by having your feast cooked by The Chef Charm’s Golden Spoon. Less work in the kitchen means more time with the family. Here are a few dishes you can request from Chef Charmi.

  • Cassava
  • A box of Brownies
  • Cream puff
  • Macaroons
  • Dulce de leche ensaymada
  • Ensaymada
  • Cheeseroll
  • Christmas cake (just Php450 / USD 9)
  • Nutella cake and red velvet
  • Yema cake in all flavors
  • Organic ham (Php850 / USD17.01
  • Pasta in one pan (Php1350 / USD 27.01)
  • Lasagna
  • Baked macaroni


Have you tried any food from The Chef Charm’s Golden Spoon? Which of the Noche Buena paluto do you want to try? Comment below or drop me an email at😊

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