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Super Easy DIY Party Favours


My friends and I threw a surprise baby shower for our friend last weekend.

Our theme was “Little Sunshine”. It was all about yellow, white, and polka dots. We decorated the house with DIY white and yellow pompoms, and an “It’s a girl” banner. I also made a sash for the ‘MOM-to-be’ and ‘DAD-to-be’.

Since I was in charge of the party favours, I thought hard and long for something that goes with the theme and would not bleed my budget to death.

Alas! I realised that a friend is engaged in the business of making delicious, round yema candies wrapped in yellow wrappers. The candies go well with the yellow theme. Thus, I ordered 25 packs of candies, and I bought 13 nice looking jars from SM Department Store. I designed the tags with the quote “a LITTLE bit of SUNSHINE from Kurin and Erwin’s baby shower”. I had the tags printed at National Bookstore because our printer broke. I made a black and white design as it is more cost-effective. To give a bit of colour, I used my favourite Lil Hands Colouring Pens to shade the tags with yellow.

Below are the materials I used for the DIY party favours, and the total amount of expenses.

DIY party favour materials
Materials: Jar, candies, tags, ribbon/string, scissors, cutter, cutting mat to cut the tags


diy party favor price
Less than P1,000!
DIY party favour finish
The finished product

What other party favour DIYs do you love? Do you want a printable of the tag I used? Comment below or drop me an email at



37 thoughts on “Super Easy DIY Party Favours

  1. I’m planning to DIY my youngest’s baptismal/1st bday celebration as well and as early as now, I’m looking for pegs online. This is really helpful, I’d like to do something like this for the party favour instead of the usual souveniers hehe. Still thinking how I can incorporate our theme though

      1. Hmmmm for the mustache theme, it’s always easy to change the tag to a mustache for the idea to go with the theme. You can also add mustache and top hat stickers on the jars. For the basketball theme, if you can have some candies customized to look like basketballs, that would be awesome. Otherwise, I think jaw breaker types or any round candy would do the trick. Again, change the tag to a basketball to blend it into the theme 😉

      2. Thanks for the tip 🙂
        That’s one of the reasons why I’m considering the mustache theme haha. I can just look for an inspiration on Pinterest and change the tag/table to one!

      3. Always happy to help, Kach! I hope your party will be a success, and more importantly, that your little one enjoys his day 😊

  2. I love DIYs! I’ll do this for my cousin’s upcoming birthday, her theme is princess maybe I could use assorted colors right? Thanks for this great idea! 🙂

    1. Yup! Assorted or pinks in different hues 😉 you’re welcome, Charm. Let me know how things will turn out 😁

  3. I also like DIY-ing and I hope my friends will give me a baby shower. Haha. Can I have those printables too sis? Here’s my email jayresa03(at) I wish to DIY my firstborn’s baptismal once she’s out 🙂

  4. Not really that good with DIYs (buti ka pa) but for Bunny’s baptism we did get rosaries in candy like lalagyan instead of the usual design lang for house. For our wedding though we are thinking of either succulents or grow kits. Maybe you can spin off your DIY hacks to a biz for yourself? 😉 Looks like you are good kasi might as well make money out of it.

  5. owww, nice tip! you gave me an idea. I’m fond of DIYs. I DIYed our wedding souvenir, my daughter’s first birthday souvenir and her baptismal as well – matipid kasi.

  6. This is so cute! Mason jars have been a constant in my life and I love using them as organizers as much as I love getting them as party favors because I know I could reuse them. 🙂

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