Top 5 Movies To Watch Out This March 2016

This leap year, there are a lot of great movies to get excited for. Jump for joy for some amazing movies this March!

1. March 4     Zootopia      **Release date in USA


This is definitely not just another animated movie where kids can sing along. Adults can identify themselves in the characters in this film. Zootopia is Disney’s brave take on various issues including identity, race, and bullying. Despite the gravity of the issues presented, Zootopia remained a fun movie to watch.

Polygon and Forbes named it an instant Disney Classic. It scores a stunning 100% in Rotten Tomatoes and 5/5 in CinemaBlend.

What excites me about it?

  • Animated menagerie
  • Powerful voices of Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman and Idris Elba to name a few
  • It’s from Disney!


2. March 11     Eye In the Sky      **Release date in USA


Ok. I am a bit biased in placing this movie in the list because drone warfare has a special place in my heart. Not that I love war but because I have seen both the advantages and disadvantages of drone when used in one. I competed in a moot court competition for International Humanitarian Laws, and I wrote a thesis about drones when I was in law school.

That aside, Eye In The Sky focuses on the military’s hunt for the key members of a terrorist group. It is a combination of action and drama as it depicts the struggles of a command center, the morality of drone strikes, and the burden of having to fire when a nine-year old girl walks in the killzone.

It scores 100% in Rotten Tomatoes and 7.5/10 in IMDB.

What excites me about it?

  • Nominated as Best Narrative Feature at the Palm Springs International Film Festival
  • Star-studded cast including Helen Mirren, Alan Rickman, Aaron Paul, Iain Glenn, and Barkhad Abdi.
  • How they show the struggles and politics of drone warfare


3. March 16     Whiskey Tango Foxtrot     **Release date in PHL


Now, now, let us go to the other side of the war. War movies are always on the action-drama side but not WTF. Yes, it has drama; it has action; and it definitely has comedy as the stunning SNL alumni, Tina Fey, takes on the lead role.

WTF (no, not What The F*ck) is about a New York journalist who found herself thrown to the War On Terror in Afghanistan because she is the only one in the staff members who has no spouse and children.

What excites me about it?

  • Based on Kim Barker’s memoir “The Taliban Shuffle: Strange Days in Afghanistan and Pakistan
  • The comedic take of Tina Fey
  • Other big cast members such as Margot Robbie and Martin Freeman


4. March 18     The Divergent Series: Allegiant     **Release date in USA


When I was making the first draft of this list, I simply went through the schedule of movie releases. I did not checked out the ratings. That is how Allegiant came to this list. Although Shailene Woodley (Tris) and Theo James (Four) love how Allegiant ended, a lot of fans feel the contrary. If you have watched (or read) Divergent and Insurgent, surely, you have your own expectations with this movie.

Allegiant is the last installment of the trilogy. However, it will be divided into two parts following the footsteps of Harry Potter, Twilight, and, Hunger Games. It is the story beyond the wall full of action and violence.

What excites me about it?

  • The situation and adventure outside the walls
  • Loss of a character
  • Whether everyone is really worth saving


5. March 26     Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice **Release date in PHL


Oh, yes! The most awaited installment from DC. Based on the trailers, a lot of people claim that we already have a sneak peek of the entire plot. Well, until a rogue review leaks on Reddit as quoted by Heroic Hollywood.

Are the trailers really that revealing or was there more to it? We will find out this March!

What excites me about it?

  • Batman’s suit
  • Gal Gadot’s portrayal as Wonder Woman
  • Whether the film can make or break DC

What movie are you planning to see this March? Comment below or drop me an email at smiley jpg




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