Top 5 Movies To Watch Out This April 2016

Mark your calendars for movies which open the official start of summer!

1. 8 April The Boss **Release date in USA


By the title itself, you know that there is someone bossy in this movie. You are correct! Melissa McCarthy plays the role of Michelle Darnell, the boss and wealthiest business woman who went to prison for insider trading and later one found her way back to the top with the help of some girl scouts.

What excites me about it?

  • Melissa McCarthy is unrecognizable were it not for her dimple
  • Comedic performances of Melissa McCarthy, Cecily Strong, Kristen Bell, and more
  • Directed by Ben Falcone which happens to be Melissa’s other half in craziness


2. 8 April Mr. Right **Release date in USA


Admit it. At some point, you have dreamt of a Mr. Smith-kind-of-Mr. Right. Martha (played by Anna Kendrick) sort of found it in Hopper (played by Tim Roth). The problem is, Hopper appears to be Mr. Right as any Mr. Right would but with a catch. Hopper is a hitman on the run and Martha is caught in between. A movie almost trying to be Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Will Hopper be Mr. Right?

What excites me about it?

  • Anna Kendrick
  • Combination of action, comedy, and romance rolled into 1


3. 13 April The Huntsman: Winter’s War **Release date in PHL


If you have watched Frozen, surely, you already know that Elsa the Snow Queen is a good-hearted one. In The Huntsman, however, Freya is the Snow Queen, and she is much like her sister Ravenna, as evil as the world can ever imagine. This movie is the fight of forbidden love between the two Huntsmen, Chris Hemsworth, and Sara, Jessica Chastain, and the fight against the combined powers of evil. Will Freya become good in the end?

What excites me about it?

  • Star-studded cast: Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt, and more
  • Emily Blunt as a villain
  • Who will stand as the fairest of them all?


4. 15 April The Jungle Book **Release date in USA


I do not like Walt Disney’s The Jungle Book. It is mostly because of Baloo the Bear. I know, I know, he is Mowgli’s best friend but what can I say? He does scare me a lot. However, I will give this year’s Jungle Book a try.

What excites me about it?

  • ScarJo’s sexy portrayal as Kaa
  • The animation
  • The adventure

5. 27 April Captain America: Civil War **Release date in PHL


Hey, this is one of the most awaited movies of the year. Need I say more about it?

What excites me about it?

  • Team Cap Vs. Team Iron Man
  • Tom Holland as Spidey, the much awaited role
  • Are Scarlet Witch and Vision having a love quarrel based on the trailer?


What movie are you planning to see this April? Comment below or drop me an email at mirriamdictionary@gmail.comsmiley jpg






27 thoughts on “Top 5 Movies To Watch Out This April 2016

  1. We’ve watched Jungle Book yesterday and it’s so amazing. The amount of work put in that film is just astounding. Grabe yung CGI at effects not to mention the awesome storyline. Great list. Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Lester! Will be watching it this week pa lang haha looking forward to it 😉 btw, I make a list every month, so watchout for May’s 😛

  2. For me, and only based on your list, I would definitely watch CAPTAIN AMERICA! I happen to like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Perhaps if there is nothing much to do, I may watch the Huntsman too.

  3. I didn’t recognize Melissa in the poster too. Wow she looks different. But I love Melissa so I have a feeling I will like The Boss. But out of all these I am most excited about Captain America. I am a fan of Avengers, in fact I just watched Age of Ultron two days ago. So I think it’s best to watch Civil War now that the details of Age of Ultron is still in my head.

    1. While you’re at it, you should watch the series Agents of Shield and Agent Carter too (if you’re not watching them yet). The #MarvelCinematicUniverse is one big world. These series connect the dots not revealed on the big screen 🙂 Yes, I’m sorta Marvel geek haha

  4. Although the movies that you’ve listed are interesting, I’ll definitely prioritize watching Captain America: Civil War. We’re actually waiting for tickets to released. Well, not the advanced screening though since it’s showing time is 12:30 AM. We want to watch it at a normal time slot yet still early enough not to be spoiled by people on social media.

  5. I have been wanting to go see The Jungle Book ever since I first saw previews of it last fall. Since my husband is a fan of super-hero movies, he is anxious to go see Captain America: Civil War.

    1. Hi, Kat! Let him take you on a date to see The Jungle Book, then, surprise him with tickets for the best seats in the cinema for Captain America: Civil War. Cap off the night (or day) with a dinner for two at your favourite local restaurant or even at home 😉

  6. OMG! So many good movies to watch. I am excited, of course, for the XMen but I am also curious about Mr. Right and then The Huntsman and The Jungle Book. Waaaa There goes my budget. :p

    1. Hi, Sigrid! It’s Captain America; Civil War this month but the Xmen movie will be out this year and I’m quite excited for it too 😉 why are movies so expensive? 😂

  7. Ill go for the 3rd and 5th movie. Huntsman looks interesting because I love their costumes hahaha. And of course the 5th one. Ohhh i can now imagine the line on our cinemas.! Team Iron Man here 🙂 hahaha

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