Mirriam’s Birthday Giveaway

While other people sing “Wake me up when September ends”, here I am partying. Hooray for birth month!!! 🎂  To thank all of you for your constant support to Mirriam Dictionary, I am giving away Basique Scents & Fragrances’ best seller perfumes to 3 lucky followers! I told you, it’s a party 😉

All you have to do is follow these simple steps:
1⃣ On Facebook, like Mirriam Dictionary and Basique Scents & Fragrances
2⃣ On Instagram, follow @mirriamdictionary and @basiquescents
3⃣ DM (Direct Message) your Facebook name to @mirriamdictionary
4⃣ Repost any of the photos below on Instagram. Complete the sentence “I love perfume because …”, and tag 3 friends.
5⃣ Don’t forget to use these hashtags: #MirriamxBasique #MirriamDictionarygiveaway

*If you have been with us on Instagram and Facebook, simply start with step 3. 😉

bday giveaway1
Photo 1
Photo 2

✅ Giveaway runs from September 5 to September 18, 2016.

Who can join:

✅ Open to males and females,
✅ At least 18 years old, and
✅ Residing in the Philippines only.

Determination of winners:

✅ There will be 3 winners of one Basique perfume each. 1 entry will be selected for the giveaway, and 2 entries will be selected for the best ‘I love perfume because…’
✅ Please set your profile to public so we can see your entries.

Notification of winners:

✅ Announcement will be on September 30, 2016.
✅ Winners will be contacted through their Instagram profiles.
✅ Winners will be asked to provide contact details so we can send the prizes.


✅ You can send as many entries as you can.
✅ By joining the giveaway, you are giving Mirriam Dictionary and Basique Scents & Fragrances a permission to use your entries as they seem fit. Full credits to completed “I love perfume because…” sentences remain with entrant.

Please follow the mechanics to qualify 😊

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44 thoughts on “Mirriam’s Birthday Giveaway

  1. Happy birthday, blog. 🙂 How old is Mirriam Dictionary now? LOL. This is such a nice idea, I am sure there will be many people taking a chance at winning one of the three perfumes. If there is an extra one though… You know what I mean, hahaha!

    1. Hi, Robert! It’s actually my bday, not the blog’s 😜 maybe, you can join? I added another photo which men can repost 😊

      1. HEY!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! So, when are you going to invite us bloggers for a treat? LOL. I will take a look at the other photo and see if it is for me. 🙂 Thank you.

      2. Thank you for the greeting 😊 Hahaha finances these days have a different priority ✌for now, have a slice of cake 🍰 thanks for joining the giveaway!!! 😁

  2. Happy birthday. Will join this. Ihihi. I do not have any perfume with me anymore e. Ever since I stay at home, i also forgot buying one or i prefer not to buy one as I seldom go out. This is the most opportune time time to have that bottle. Wahoo.

  3. This is a really nice outlook in life. Instead of being dramatic about the September starting and they wanting to end it, it’s much easier to be happy and celebrate the new month with something that you enjoy. Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy birthday Mirriam! When’s your bday? My husband is a september baby too, and you gave me an idea what to give him as a bday present. I’ll bookmark this link and will join your giveaway. Hoping to win this for my hubby 😁

    1. Hi, Aeirin! Mine’s on the 18th 😊 ooooh my sponsor, Basique, has fantastic man-scents your hubby will surely enjoy 😉

  5. Happy birthday Mirriam! God bless you! 🙂 I’d love to have that perfume! Don’t even have perfume right now anymore. haha. Just using colognes, plus, like Berlin, I don’t go out too often as I’m a WAHM.

    1. Thank your the greeting, Nilyn 🍰 join the giveaway. You’ll love the perform even when you’re at home 😉

  6. Happy birthday, Mirriam! This is such a pretty cool idea. Usually, we do get or expect gifts for our birthday. But in your case, you are the one giving the present! Hope you’ll have a blast! Stay beautiful inside out 🙂

  7. It’s a really great idea to do giveaways for birthday. Even though we should all give you gifts and not the other way around Haha. Happy Birthday anyway! 🙂

    1. Haha thank you, F! Let’s just say I want to celebrate it with you, guys, and the only economical way is to hold a giveaway. At least, everyone gets equal chance of the ‘cake’ 😜

  8. You belong to many of my friends who are celebrating their birth month. Haha. You are too generous. Sure, you will receive more than what you can give. I want to win one!!!

  9. What a neat contest! It’s a fun way to get some great prpducts while really becoming a part of a community! Happy birthday as well! My daughters birthday is this month. I am hoping to do something with her that will build our relationship.

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