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Top 5 Movies To Watch Out This August 2016

Hear ye, hear ye! Mark your calendars for these awesome movies this August.

4 August Suicide Squad **Release date in PHL


A secret team of supervillains

If you are not a comic book reader or, at least, a fan when the first trailer was announced, you probably think Suicide Squad is kind of sick. For one, it has the greatest villains in it. Well, you are right at that point. They are called Suicide Squad for a reason. Yes, they are villains but they are tasked by the US Government for a mission. Should they succeed, they get to live another day and have their sentences reduced. Should they fail, it will be easy to just write them off.

What excites me about it?

  • A secret team of supervillains. Need I say more? haha


5 August Nine Lives **Release date in USA


It’s a typical ‘punishment from the gods to make you change your ways’ kind of movie.

What excites me about it?

  • It’s a comedy with Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Garner, and Robbie Amell
  • It’s a family movie
  • The lesson behind the story


12 August Florence Foster Jenkins **Release date in USA


Remember what Bernard Baruch said ““Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

Florence Foster Jenkins is about a woman with this story. Imagine a person who desires to be an opera singer. She can be who she wants to be, right? There is just one problem. She’s a terrible singer.

What excites me about it?

  • Meryl Streep!
  • Hugh Grant
  • Based on a true story


24 August War Dogs **Release date in USA


You will be surprised that this one is a story about two friends who boldly bid US government military contracts and became international arms dealer at 22 years old. They got deep, though, which sucks.

What excites me about it?

  • Based on true events
  • Bradley Cooper and Jonah Hill
  • From the Director of Hangover trilogy


26 August Mechanic: Resurrection **Release date in USA


Yes, it is a sequel to The Mechanic. Here, Arthur already retired as a contract killer but was forced to go back when his formidable foe kidnaps his wife. He has 36 hours to do the job.

What excites me about it?

  • Hey, it’s an action thriller.
  • The pool ‘accident’ in the trailer got me.
  • Stunts and performances of Jason Statham and Jessica Alba


What movie are you planning to see this August? Comment below or drop me an email at 😊

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17 thoughts on “Top 5 Movies To Watch Out This August 2016

    1. Hahaha Suicide is being hyped but I know it befor it became a movie. That’s why I’m deeply interested. What Kprean series would you recommend for someone who does not watch those kind of series *ehem me*? 😊

  1. What I’m really looking forward to watching is Suicide Squad! So excited for it to come out! ❤

  2. I am most excited about Suicide Squad and I’m truly hoping it will satisfy the comic nerd in me! 😛

    But I also want to see The Mechanic Ressurection and Nine Lives. 🙂 ooh and also the War Dogs and of course the Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant movie! 😛 so many good movies to watch out for! 🙂

  3. Suicide squad!! I’ve been hearing a lot about this movie. Excited to watch, hope it lives up to the hype!!

  4. Suicide Squad! Yey! The wait is over.. it’s finally showing and I can’t wait to hit the cinema! Gosh, i just wish it will not be unsatisfying because the trailers are so awesome and I just hope it will meet all our expectations..The Meryl streep movie is something to look forward too as well.. knowin that they got the “Big Bang Theory” nerd guy hehe

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