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3 things with lavender I am obsessing about

They say lavender is soothing and calming. These days can be stressful making it hard to get some peace of mind. I recommend these 3 lavender-infused products to help you relax. 💜

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Getting back on track during community quarantine

COVID-19 put the whole world on a pause. For some of us, working from home has been the go-to but the big question is: how do we actually get back on track especially now that the government declared that some areas are no longer in the Enhanced Community Quarantine status?

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Lakan: Spirit of Jazz at Taal Heritage Town

What could be more amazing than being in a heritage town? Well, I have proven that it is definitely more phenomenal to drink heritage liquor in a heritage house in a heritage town while partying through the night!

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5 Useful Phrases For Your Japan Vacay

Konnichiwa! If you have been following my IG account, surely, you are fairly acquainted with my recent trip to the Land of the Rising Sun. True enough, I have not been posting of late (because of sheavy workload and priorities) but public (a.k.a. friends) demands that I write posts about tips & tricks I had… Continue reading 5 Useful Phrases For Your Japan Vacay

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Quirky Finds P100 and Under at Market Liberty

Seeing Market Liberty open a branch at Evia Lifestyle Center made my heart skip a bit! I immediately went in and explored the store. Let me share with you my finds below P100 🙂

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Chow Down: Ichiban Boshi in Lipa City

Japanese food is one of my most favourite dishes. They are artistically prepared, savory to the taste, and includes the healthiest of ingredients. Ichiban Boshi, the recently opened Japanese restaurant in Lipa City, Batangas, bear these three characteristics and I am so happy that it is very accessible.

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5 Quotes from Jane Eyre To Boost Any Dull Day

I have recently finished reading Jane Eyre (finally). If you have been following me on Instagram, you would know that I have been deliberately delaying myself to finish this book primarily because I feared that one of the characters would die. Fortunately, that character lived and had a fantastic marriage with the protagonist.