Tips on Braving the dreaded Bar Exam

Finally, I can write this post. 😊 I would not have made it to the other side if it were not for people who supported and believed in my capabilities. You, too, can get that period to your ATTY but if you are looking for a surefire formula to pass the bar exams, you cannot… Continue reading Tips on Braving the dreaded Bar Exam

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Chow Down: Shares Yard – Shawarma and Pares

It’s been around a couple of months since I first saw this hole-in-the-wall, pop-up restaurant. Last night, I visited the place along with my friends from🍴 The name of the place is Shares Yard – Shawarma and Pares. [Pronounced as Sha-Res] Yes, they serve shawarma and pares. Pares is a Filipino cuisine similar to… Continue reading Chow Down: Shares Yard – Shawarma and Pares

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Book Review: Break Free

Some books are really meant to be read. Don Soriano’s Break Free must be read not only by employees who want to break free from the employment world but also by anyone who wants to improve one’s self.


No-Sew DIY Tank Top

Let’s admit it. Not everyone can sew but you still want to wear a pretty cute tank tap to the gym. I’ll let you in a little secret: a 3-step DIY tank top. No needles, no threads needed 😉

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The Royale Beaute Lippies: A Good Lipstick

You know a lipstick is good if it has these qualities: moisturizing, long-lasting, and complements your skin tone. I found all these in the new Royale Beaute lippie in Brown Sugar shade.

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5 Movies To Binge Watch on Valentine’s Day

Whether your heart is alone or with someone special this coming Valentine’s Day, there are romantic comedy movies that will surely make up your day. Here are 5 of the most heart-warming, tear-jerking romcom classics you must binge watch on hearts day (or any day you feel like being a couch potato).