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Getting back on track during community quarantine

COVID-19 put the whole world on a pause. For some of us, working from home has been the go-to but the big question is: how do we actually get back on track especially now that the government declared that some areas are no longer in the Enhanced Community Quarantine status?

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The Royale Beaute Lippies: A Good Lipstick

You know a lipstick is good if it has these qualities: moisturizing, long-lasting, and complements your skin tone. I found all these in the new Royale Beaute lippie in Brown Sugar shade.

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Waking Up To My Best Beautiful With Olay Night Ritual

When I was young, I often put make up not because I want to but because I need it when performing as a dancer-actor in theatre. It was my life until I finished college. I had an early taste of what it is like to endure sleepless nights, and the rigors of balancing classes as… Continue reading Waking Up To My Best Beautiful With Olay Night Ritual

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Pucker Up With Maybelline Dr. Rescue Lip Balm

It is beach season once again! It is a great time to travel with your friends, soak in the sea, and stay under the sun. However, dehydration comes with the hot summer sun. To prevent lips form getting chapped, and maintain supple soft baby lips, Maybelline created this awesome lip balm.

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Nails As Pure As Gold: Constance Carroll Diamond Gloss 22 Carat

Who would not love gold? The color gold is often associated with royalty as kings and queens wear their crowns made of this precious metal. It also signifies success like the trophies that gleam brilliantly as they are put in first-placers’ hands. Anybody who loves the exuding wealth which gold flaunts will surely love this… Continue reading Nails As Pure As Gold: Constance Carroll Diamond Gloss 22 Carat

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MAC Lipstick for Wonder Woman

Every woman has power within her – power to change the world, power to inspire, power to brighten up one’s day, and so much more. However, there are times when we fail to use such power not because we do not possess it but because we forget our potential. When we are too tired or… Continue reading MAC Lipstick for Wonder Woman