Top 5 Movies To Watch Out This July 2016

July has lots to offer. Take a look at some of the movies you can look forward to.

6 July The Purge: Election Year **Release date in PHL


We can judge the movie based on its title. Yes, The Purge is about removal of people in a violent way. The Purge: Election Year is set two years after the second movie, The Purge: Anarchy. It revolves around Senator Charlene Roan, a Presidential candidate who aims to remove Purge Night.

What excites me about it?

  • The violence does not excite me but the thriller does
  • Will Senator Roan survive till dawn?
  • There are still people willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good even when it means going against everyone else


14 July Ghostbusters **Release date in PHL


Who you gonna call? Some critics say that having females play the roles ruins Ghostbusters but I say this is a different take on women empowerment.

What excites me about it?

  • The hilarious performances of SNL stars
  • The ghost hunting
  • Chris Hemsworth and the original Ghostbusters’ cameo


20 July Star Trek Beyond PHL


Well, you know how the Federation works. If you are an accomplished Starfleet captain, the Federation will assign you to more challenging missions. That is exactly where Kirk and his team are headed, in an uncharted territory, a remote planet without any means of communication.

What excites me about it?

  • The love-hate relationship of Captain James Kirk and Commander Spock
  • The witty punchlines of Simon Pegg
  • Overall sci-fi adventure


27 July Jason Bourne **Release date in PHL


I am not really a Bourne film series fan but I quite enjoyed them a lot. Surely, you know Jason Bourne by now, and that he is hunted down (again).

What excites me about it?

  • Stunts, stunts, stunts.
  • The real identity of Jason Bourne
  • It’s Matt Damon again


29 July Bad Moms **Release date in USA


Ditch the rules society creates. Let these moms do their thing.

What excites me about it?

  • From the crazy yet unimaginably creative writers of The Hangover (you know what I mean)
  • How cool these moms actually are when they follow their hearts’ desires
  • Performances of Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn, and Kristen Bell


What movie are you planning to see this July? Comment below or drop me an email at smiley jpg

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21 thoughts on “Top 5 Movies To Watch Out This July 2016

  1. The last one disturbs me because of the way they call it Bad Moms and then say ditch what society says. It’s like you’re automatically bad if you do ditch the rules. Purge and Ghostbusters should be interesting.

    1. Hi, Kathy! I’m not a mum, hence, I cannot really speak for them.

      What I know is this, in reality, the society we are in has a lot of rules like a mum should not go out at night and tend to her children instead. Or, a mother should have a decent job to set an example for her kids. These rules or standards are often created by people or social groups who have such high esteem for themselves that they tend to rule other people’s lives.

      Sometimes, however, no matter how much a mother tries to keep up with these standards, she still fails to be the ‘best mum’.

      I haven’t watched the film yet but based on its trailer, it is a story of a mum who disregards these unwritten rules. Instead, she puts her focus on what would really matter to her kids, and what would really make them happy. Because of her bravery in going against the natural order of things, she realized the true essence of motherhood.

      I think the film is entitled “Bad Moms” because the main character breaks the rules, hence, she is bad if you will ask those people who developed the standards.

      Again, these are mere thoughts of mine as regards the movie. I may be right, but I may be wrong as well. I guess, we’ll see when the movie comes out.

      Thanks for dropping by and for sharing your thoughts ❤ 🙂

  2. I feel like I’d been living under a rock because I’m not aware of these July movie releases until today. Haha. Anyway as for myself I’ll probably watch Bad Moms. The first installment of Hangover is fun to watch, and I hope this one will provide the same level of entertainment.

  3. Looking forward to Bad Moms! Not really a tech or sci fi fan kasi, but I think that’s a movie kasi that I can relate to in some way. 🙂

  4. I’d watch Bad Moms first, the Purge – I don’t know if I’ll ever have the courage to watch that. haha. I want funny movies, those that can give me good vibes, so yeah, definitely bad moms! haha.

    1. How about Ghostbusters, Nilyn? All major characters are played by SNL artists which means they are totally hilarious 😉

  5. Awesome movies! I think I’m most excited about Bad Moms. I love comedy movies and I’ve also been a fan of Mila Kunis since her days on That 70s Show! 😜

  6. Oooh I’m excited with Ghostbusters! It will be a different approach, I guess, because its not the ghostbusters I grew up with (males as cast). Can’t wait what this ladies will do in the movie

  7. Wow! Your blog will be my go to guide for upcoming movies. This is really helpful for us seeking to entertain ourselves from time to time.

    I didn’t know that there will be a Ghostbusters movie again and I’m surprised to find out that it will be composed of a female group. I think I’ll have to watch this one to see how this one goes.

    For Star Trek, I’ve never really watched any show of it so it hasn’t really piqued my interest. I’ll definitely go for the Bad Moms even though I’m not a mom yet. I’m sure it will be hilarious.

  8. I don’t know any of the movies. I feel old haha! Good thing you made this post. Will watch out for the trailers 🙂

  9. BOURNE BOURNE BOURNE! Hhahahah! If you can’t already tell, I am incredibly excited for Matt Damon to come back and embody the character he was meant to play. Second in line is The Purge, though I became bored with the whole pot of the second one. So excited!

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