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Grabbing Burgers at Messy Plate Burger and Snack Bar

Most Batangeños have been to Messy Plate’s branch in Analyn Subdivision. Yup, it is one of those hole-in-the-wall burger joints in Batangas. Well, they have branched out to a new place, with more burgers, and a bigger menu.

A little backgrounder about Messy Plate Burger and Snack Bar

Boredom can make any man (or woman) very creative. Chef Joy Marasigan just left her work at D’ Brothers Sports Bar and Grill. A month after, she got a little bored and wanted to do something better with her extra time. She conceptualized a little store where she will sell a few dishes. Upon contemplating, and with the help of her husband, Aldrin, they came up with the idea of selling burgers. It was perfect timing since burgers are becoming the ‘in’ thing then. In September 2014, they opened Messy Plate with a few chairs and tables in their garage.

The business grew. In partnership with a few of their closest friends, they opened Messy Plate last April 30, 2016. It is located along President Jose P. Laurel highway, beside Beredo Village, and in front of Alangilan Elementary School.


The concept of getting messy

The Messy Plate Burger and Snack Bar lives up to its name. When you eat at Messy Plate, be prepared to get your hands dirty. No forks and knives allowed. Just dig in and bite big. Don’t worry. There is a sink where you can wash your hands after eating.


The new place is cozier and bigger than the first they had. It is well-lighted. The chairs and tables are wooden. They have a mini bar where you can get your daily does of a-a-a-a-a-a-a-alcohol, and a band that plays starting 9pm. When we came in, the air conditioning unit was not yet fully operational but it was being fixed. I guess the aircon unit had its first day jitters.

Their new branch opens from 10 am to 2am. It is perfect for an afternoon burger merienda, or a late night hangout with friends.


The food

Of course, I along with a few friends tried out their burgers. This is not my first time to have a taste of their burgers yet my jaw still dropped at the mere sight of them. Each burger is very ambrosial.

The buns are soft. Their one-of-a-kind burger patties especially concocted by Chef Joy. The patties have a weird but unique crispy texture to it although it remains really juicy. The lettuce, tomatoes, and onions are all very fresh and come in portions large enough that you could taste them but small enough to avoid overpowering the patty.

The sauces are equally unique as well. You cannot find any of their secret sauces lying around at any supermarket. The Han’s Pork Burger has a mustard-based orange sauce. It has a little bit of acidity and a hint of saltiness that works well with the pork patty.

tagged pork
Han’s Pork Burger

The Peewee’s Beef Burger comes with Chef Joy’s secret white sauce. This is one of my favorites. The consistency is a little bit runny compared to an ordinary burger sauce but it is surprisingly dulcet.

tagged beef
Peewee’s Beef Burger

The Fredjo’s Pangasius Burger’s shitake mushroom sauce is another one of my favorites. It is dark in colour, very balsamic, and flavourful. A good amount parsley is even sprinkled all over it.

tagged Fish
Fredjo’s Pangasius Burger

The Chieffy’s Chicken Burger has a barbecue sauce. It is also dark in color like any ordinary barbecue sauce. This one, however, has Chef Joy’s secret ingredient. All of these are really worth a try.

tagged chicken

If you are not much into burgers, Messy Plate also has sandwiches, sizzlers, pancit, and tacos.


Have you been to Messy Plate Burger and Snackbar? Comment below or drop me an email at smiley jpg







P.S. Their branch in Analyn Subdivision still opens daily from 4pm to 9pm.


13 thoughts on “Grabbing Burgers at Messy Plate Burger and Snack Bar

  1. Read that they had a new branch and as I waited for the page to load, I silently prayed that the new place is somewhere In Quezon City. Haha. Would want to sample their burgers and get my hands dirty with their juicy patty and crispy chips n

    1. hahaha well, don’t forget to visit them when you drive to Batangas City, Momi Berlin. Thanks for dropping by my blog 😉

  2. I am craving burgers like no other right now! These burgers are amazing! The name alone had my mouthwatering but seeing the pictures is even better! I am so in love with this place. I just wish it were close enough to me that I could go there for lunch tomorrow!

    1. Hi, Alison! Burgers here are indeed delectable. Visit them when you plan a trip in the Philippines. 😉 Thanks for dropping by 😀

  3. I can see why the burgers can be messy! They are filled with ingredients. Itong mga stand alone burger joints are far better than the usual McDo or Jollibee talaga!

  4. I think that is exactly how a burger should be and be eaten! I would definitely eat there. Now hoping a great idea comes to me one of these days….if I can find the time to be bored, LOL.

  5. Those burgers look really delicious! A friend of mine and I once went on a quest to find the best burger in NYC, so I consider myself an expert. Having said that, I’ve never eaten a pork burger! And I would love to try those housemade sauces!

    1. They’re really extraordinary, Stella. Visit them when you visit PHL 😀

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