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MAC Lipstick for Wonder Woman

Every woman has power within her – power to change the world, power to inspire, power to brighten up one’s day, and so much more. However, there are times when we fail to use such power not because we do not possess it but because we forget our potential.

When we are too tired or feeling low, we forget that there is a great amount of strength surging through our veins as if we are the real Amazonian super heroine. After all, even super heroes need to look their best as well.

Here is a lipstick that can give every woman the additional boost of confidence that she needs whenever she feels low. No more dull, boring, and sad days with this MAC Wonder Woman lipstick.

What I love about it

  • The packaging

The box itself is absolutely catchy with Wonder Woman printed on it. Inside, sits the bullet style MAC lipstick in red, blue, yellow, and gold colors. Overall, the lipstick is lightweight.


  • The color

MAC Wonder Woman lipstick comes in four colors:

  1. Heroine which is a bronze-brown color and has a metallic sheen;
  2. Marquise d’ is a pinky nude shade;
  3. Russian Red that has a rich red and a matte finish; and
  4. Spitfire which is dark pink and magenta with a satin finish

I chose Spitfire because it suits my skin best and it is easier to wear in any occasion or event.


  • The quality

I love it! Although it does not stay on my lips for the whole day and requires a retouch after every meal, overall, my MAC Wonder Woman lippie has a fantastic quality. It has shea butter that keeps my lips supple and soft. Moreover, the lipstick is very smooth and easily glides on my lips.

Would I buy again? Definitely! I love the packaging, the color, the quality, and how it looks on my lips. It gives me that positive boost I need daily. With my MAC Wonder Woman lipstick, I can take on every day with fearlessness.

Have you tried the MAC Wonder Woman lipstick? Comment below or drop me a message at and tell me about your story.



20 thoughts on “MAC Lipstick for Wonder Woman

  1. lovely colour and packaging, seen a few of these floating round the internet but never tried them, but this post makes me want to! great post!
    I’ve recently started up my own blog and would really appreciate a follow back/like if you would be willing? Thanks 🙂 x

    1. thank you for reading my post, Chloe! grab your own MAC lipstick now 🙂
      will surely do follow yours.

      P.S. this review is not paid 😀

  2. This is beautiful! I like the packaging and the Wonder Woman design is very apt. The shade is something wearable for various occasions. Mac really makes great products that enhances our beauty and confidence. -Claire Algarme

    1. Hi, Tina! I think Russian Red and Spitfire will work well with your skintone and hair color 😉

  3. I also love Wonder Woman! Not so much for the comics because I haven’t read them but because she is so tough and glamorous. I also love MAC packaging in general. I still treasure my MAC Disney Villains makeup. Thanks for sharing the photos!

  4. Haven’t tried MAC yet but I srsly think this is a wonderful product! I do think you became Wonder Woman when you tried this and slaaaaaaaaaayed the whole world!

  5. I fell in love with the packaging too–very catchy with their pop art reference. I’d like to collect lipstick and makeup cases, if they are all designed well like these.

  6. I love how you started your review. It definitely matches the niche! Oh, the wonder woman lippy, it surely something I will be giving a try. I also love the packaging!

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