Moving forward, planning ahead

Before this year comes to an end, we all heard and seen Adele’s Hello but it is not only Adele who is greeting us with her big comeback. 2016 is already around the corner. It is waiving at us and welcoming us with open arms. Are we up for what next year has to offer or will we be singing “Hello, it’s me…I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet” to our past self at the end of 2016?

Many people tend to go with the flow. They create New Year’s resolutions but fail to plan each step to achieve these goals. To avoid our New Year’s resolution from being put to naught, we need to plan ahead.

Benefits of having a plan

Some people may see that having a planner or planning the year ahead is a trait of an obsessive-compulsive person. Well, that is not always the case. Making a versatile plan for the following year has advantages.

  1. Organized life, organized mind

When we have a plan laid out, we will be able to organize up to the minutest detail of our daily lives. It will help us keep track of our schedule and activities. Planning can even help us improve not only our time management but also our efficiency and productivity in performing tasks.

Ultimately, planning allows us to see the bigger picture of our daily or monthly schedule. Thus, giving us better control of our time.

  1. Remembering is not an issue

Having a planner means never forgetting anything of importance ever again. When we write down things and see or refer to them regularly, we are less likely to forget our appointments and to-dos.

  1. Less stress

Keeping a planner reduces stress. Planning gives us a sense of excitement that there is something to expect in the coming days. It also allows us to control our time and activities. In the long run, it brings us a step closer to our goals.

Planning with Scribble

The most common and obvious way to plan the next year is to have a planner. The problem is which planner?

I went to a bookstore a month ago to scout for an awesome planner for a kickass 2016. And, it is where I found Scribble from Filed Cooperative. Physically, it is a planner as big as a regular-sized journal with paper that is thick enough so I can use colored sign pens. Here are a few things I love about Scribble that you will definitely appreciate too.

  1. It is inexpensive. I bought mine at so I can have it customized. My Scribble planner only costs P695. I added P50 for customization. Here’s a sneak peek of my Scribble planner.
  1. It has goal and expenses tracker which will make it easy for me to see the bigger picture of things and keep my expenses within the limits of my budget.
  1. It has monthly and daily views which will make planning easier.
  1. It has colorful quotes every month to keep me entertained.

Filed Cooperative has other planners aside from Scribble such as Camper planner, and Doodle planner.

Are you ready for 2016? Remember, it is not really in the planner, rather, it is in the manner of planning that allows you to face the year head on. Cheers to a new year!

P.S. this can be a great gift for your friends too!



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